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    Originally Posted by milkymew View Post
    okay i think the fact its not european is the problem. hang on...
    great i cant find a european ruby rom taht works with vba.
    I'm from the USA, and I was using Ruby AXVE. That should be easy to find.



    Thanks to gogojjtech, all of the music has been redone. This time, it has been taken to the maximum derpiness. He changed all of the songs to only use trumpets when possible, building on people's hatred of the over reliance of them in RS. Since this was the only change, you can still use your current save file, but you need to patch a new, clean, rom. Have fun!

    Also, I have been adding videos of Derpizard: Contamination to my YouTube (thekaratekid552), so check them out.^.^

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