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Hey there F13rC Pulse! Glad to see you've found your way to A&D! :D How long have you been drawing?

Definitely an interesting gallery you've got here. Before I get going on a critique though, I'd like to ask what kind of program are you using for coloring? Do you have a tablet? I ask this because your linework is on the messier side, as Sunfished stated. It's not bad, by any means, but it's inconsistent. Unless, of course, that's deliberate due to the "bumpier" nature of your fakemon.

Anyway, the other thing I noticed, (again, unless they're supposed to look like that) it's that you need to draw the fourth leg on your quadrupedal pokemon. They all only have three legs. Your shading/highlighting seems to be a tad inconsistent as well. For example, the lighting on Wrecguirus seems to be emanating from the top-middle of the picture, yet you have highlighting on the right side of the rear leg. That's not a bad thing, as every artist had a different style of shading; but if you're going for a more realistic feel than you need to get a grasp on some of your basics. It seems to me like you have a complex and advanced level of design, but not all of the artistic fundamentals down. Brush up on those things (lighting/depth/texture-- things like that) and I guarantee you'll surprise yourself! :)

It seems like the emphasis of this gallery is on continuity and completion. I like that a lot. The art end of a pokedex is fantastic, but it's by no means the definition of a pokedex in it's entirety. I really hope you continue to update this with more unique abilities/attacks/information/sprites and stuff like that to make this gallery a complete unit. Good luck!
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