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Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
You should split non pokemon Rps into two groups: OTHER and ORIGINAL. That way we can see who has original creations or slightly influenced ones rather than just one big Non Pokemon Rp grouping
I used to have it that way, but it got really confusing for me trying to figure out what RPs were based on something and what RPs were original. Because the GMs don't always type out what the RP is based off, and even if it's original it might be somewhat inspired by one or several franchises. And really, there are still more RPs about pokémon, and there aren't many RPs at all that are purely original, from what I've gathered?

So until there is some kind of RPC rule that every new RP needs to state in the OP what Library category they want to be listed in, it's a bit too confusing for me or the mods to always know where to add the RP and it's easier and still not as messy to just put it in an "Other" category.

Have I justified that division? :3

Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
So many new Moderators .___.

RHCP is a moderator again too~
There's been 4 promotions this last week or so O.o Yeah. And yeah I am~! Not in the Roleplay Corner though. You should all visit Pokémon General whenever you feel bored and want to think about pokaymon!
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