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If I were a moderator, my main goal would be to be approachable. I wouldn't want members to find me strict and unapproachable. Being a staff members means that you need to be approachable. If members fear asking you a question or just are plain afraid to talk to you, that means your doing something wrong. I think I would be a lenient mod, giving out warnings. Now this doesn't mean that I would be careless and shrug things off. I'd say about 2 warnings is fair enough, with talk about what they did wrong and how they can avoid it in the future. When a member goes past that, then I would have to do what I would have to do, and infract that member. I think that condemning a member right away without any warnings isn't fair, unless of course the member has done something really wrong. So yeah, I'd be lenient and most importantly approachable, but I would be serious and take action when I need to.
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