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What is your favourite place in any of the Pokemon Games and why?
The Battle Factory in Pokemon Emerald. The fact that I could use level 100 Pokemon that weren't mine made me happy. :3

What is the scariest movie you've ever watched? (Remember to add spoiler tags for spoilers if you give a reason why it was scary!)
Sinister was pretty damn scary. I know there are scarier, but I either haven't seen them, or don't remember them. The beginning freaked me out, big time.

What's your preferite Manga and why?
Naruto, cause I've never read anything else lol

How easy is it for you to talk to someone you don't know?
Fairly easy. So long as it's not a group, cause I hate having to get involved in a group conversation when everyone knows everyone except me.

Which family members are you close to (from an emotional standpoint, that is?)
The closest would be my baby sister. I adore her to bits, and love her so so much. She makes me smile everyday.

What are your tastes in music?
All kinds of rock, from metal to alternative.

Specifically Dipu
What are you looking forward to the most about University/College?
It's funny, my friend and I were talking about this earlier. She and I were sorta reminiscing about the last few years. Personally? I'm looking forward to the experience and the people. The experience cause I'll finally be able to pick what I want to learn (for the most part). The people, cause, well, it's new people. I'll admit something, though. I know it's unavoidable, but I sorta don't want to make new friends. Perhaps it's the fact that the people I'm leaving from high school meant so much to me, but I seriously at one point thought that we'd always be best friends. I'm sure we still will be! But it's hard to believe that within a few days, I'll be hanging out with people who aren't people I've known forever (THAT IS UNLESS ONE OF MY FRIENDS DECIDES NOT TO GO TO THE ARMY 8D)

Will answer the rest later. :3
he did it, not me.
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