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Originally Posted by Charblade111 View Post
Are you looking for sprites for everything? Because I have a sprite that looks strikingly similar to the first Flying type in the OP if you want it. I don't know what color scheme is in mind, but I can also color it however. If you're looking for sprites, I'll be more than happy to help sprite some of the art found in the OP.
Hey Charblade!

We as a project are looking for, well, everything! n_n; We are looking for artists, spriters, contributors, theorymon-izers, philosophers, pre-Raphielites.. pretty much everything from a to z in terms of pokedex building and development. Feel free to come on in! If you want to sprite one of the fakemons in the main post, go for it! We'll take any and all submissions. :3

When it comes to sprite donation, we're not really looking for a replacement for anything at the moment, but we'll take what you can give us. If you've got a sprite that's similar, show us! I'm sure someone here (or you) can make whatever small edits that are necessary to match the concept art to the sprite.

But yup! Come on in, make yourself comfortable with the team, and get to work at your own pace. Spriters are definitely a hot commodity in these parts. :p


Speaking of which, Sunny, here's my little fire guy I was telling you about. n_n; I went right from drawing to sprite, hope no one minds.

I had to upload it through my art album on PC because Photobucket's interface is totally jacked right now ;w; Anyway, yeah compare and contrast! Feedback please! I think I need to darken the outline personally, but I'd like a bit of a critique on this one.
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