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Hello there Kleecki!! Welcome to PC yo!

Raichu's cute however, my favorite Pokemon's Treecko! I'm a fan of Gen III as well. I absolutely love Hoenn, the region is just gorgeous and I've replayed Emerald countless times. As an avid fan of Gen III, you will love the Advanced Generation Gaming section. It's full of all things on RSE and the Red and Blue remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen. I'm friends with the moderator there,Sydian, and she's really nice! Of course there's many other forums related to Pokemon as well. Just wondering, are you excited for Pokemon X and Y? I know I am cause they look amazing and all the Pokemon are excellent so far. I'm likely picking the Fire-type Fennekin. How about you?

PC also covers all of the other things you like too! I like writing to an extent and been wanting to write a few stories, but I keep putting it off. :/ Though if you want to post any of your writings, just go to Fan Fiction and Writing where you can post everything from fan fictions to poetry. I'm an artist too myself. I draw alot of anime and some Pokemon fan art. Art & Design is where you can go and open a gallery there and show-off all forms of art. The regulars there are really nice and helpful when it comes to giving tips on improving and just giving compliments on your art.

Man I wish I was more into health. I could really lose some weight hahaha. A person like you would love the PC Fitness Club. It's rather in active, so maybe you can help it boost activity. :) There's many other clubs too in Fan Clubs & groups that you can join. There's also all the clubs in Pokemon Clubs as well. Clubs are an easy way to make friends if you ask me. Speaking of, making friends here is easy cause we're such a friendly place. People love talking with new members like you here. If you want to chat with anything just send me a visitor's message anytime!

Hope you enjoy yourself here. :) See you around!
im back
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