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    Jericho Godbane
    Ruins of Oerba: Finally Ghasts II

    The four of them rushed towards the groups of ghasts, catching their attention. Daniel was yelling something but Jericho only heard some parts of it as he was too pumped by the excitement. "...weak to Water...Wind, and Lightning!" Daniel was crying out to his comrades. Now he knows what monsters are weak to? Daniel was the first one to attack, gunning one down and sending others two balls of... light?

    Aurora on the other hand seemed to have her weapon surrounded by flames. She slashed a ghast then started battling it. Jericho seemed interested with their new powers. "Ha! Let me try this time!" Jericho jumped, no mere height for a person his size, and landed with a sizable crash on the ground. He whirled around and brought his axe down to the nearest ghast. He then tried to open his palms to see if he could do the orb thing yet, but none came. "Oh really? Aurora and Daniel already showed some l'Cie magic. Why can't I?" Jericho screamed as he crashed his axe towards another ghasts. "Come on, just a little fireball." Jericho clenched his fist and brought it in contact with a ghast. The punch landed with a sickening crunch. "Come on, magic. Show yourself." As soon as he said that, Grimaxe started glowing. Then small sparks emitted from the weapon. "That's more like it!" As he brought it down, there was no longer the crash.

    It was thunder.

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