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    > Can Vesta hold a weapon as well?

    Yes, since she now has hands, but to be honest, she's a living weapon herself, and probably a more effective one now that she's evolved.

    You could always examine her stats to find out more information, you know. She didn't have any before, but she might have acquired them during evolution.

    Because that would totally make sense.

    > Since Vespa evolved, you should probably name the new species, and then decide whether you want to continue calling her Vespa or the new name. Is the Eldritch Quilava female? And if so is that the mother? it did kind of give birth to Vespa after all.

    You name the new species Calcapien and move on. You cannot change Vesta's name; you do not possess a Name Rater.

    On a side note, the Eldritch Quilava seems to be male, which means that Vesta's is a very progressive family indeed; she has two fathers, one of which isn't even human and which is doing his level best to kill and eat the other father.

    Modern life, eh? You can't keep up with the changes these days.

    > Also, since The Gengar molecularly disassembled a house earlier, maybe it can do the same with the coral without hurting Elm? Or maybe reassemble him as it goes along?

    You ask the Gengar very nicely about removing Elm's coral, and it informs you that, while it can't remove it completely without harming Elm – it's rooted very deeply, and it takes more skill to take apart something embedded in a fragile human without harming them than it does to take apart a house – it can cut the coral back to its roots. (Not that coral has roots, but, well, you know what I mean.)

    Elm's infection has been reset. Elm is Almost Fine.

    > Now, this is just a suggestion, but perhaps we should have Orthodox SHOOP DA WHOOP. It should be very effective in solving all our problems.

    You cannot shoop da whoop. You do not know how to shoop da whoop.

    > On a side note, see if Vesta's higher control of fire allows her to learn more advanced fire type moves, perhaps a fire shield of sorts to guard against the Eldritch starter so eager to nom your brains out.

    Fire-types are good at setting things on fire – less so at preventing things from catching on fire. Your experience has taught you that Vesta, like most Fire-types, is geared more towards offence than defence.

    You do ask her about what she might be able to do, and in response she opens up her mouth, a slit in the webbing, and breathes out a great gout of gold fire. This appears to be somewhere between a Flamethrower and a Fire Blast in potency, but you can't be certain of how strong it is exactly until you examine Vesta's stats.

    > Onward to the Ruins of Alph!

    Onwards indeed! You set off to the south, down the sloping plain that will take you to Route 36. Route 37 is a picturesque place, and for the first time you see something almost like normal life here – in the distance, by the trees, a group of Stantler are grazing. They are vast and misshapen, but don't seem to show any interest in you; evidently, the all-consuming hunger of the Eldritch Pokémon is directed, in their case, at leaves.

    There are bleached bones hidden in the grass, though, so you don't risk going any nearer. Elm picks two up and taps them together.

    “Long dead,” he said. “Whoever this was has been here for years.” He glances up at the Stantler. “Maybe not them, then, but I wouldn't like to risk it.”

    You all agree on that point, and continue south to the dark, narrow passage through the trees that forms the centre point of Route 36. Here, you feel eyes watching you from somewhere – invisible eyes, eyes that seem to look from everywhere and nowhere all at once – but see nothing.

    This does not help your nerves.

    And, well, when one of the thirty-foot oak trees uproots itself and steps out of the forest to block your path, that doesn't do you much good either.

    You had always thought Sudowoodo was a laughable sort of Pokémon, looking as it did something like a cocktail sausage brandishing a pair of fans, but you don't think it would be prudent to laugh now at all: a vast, gnarled monster like a stony Ent, this Sudowoodo roars with a noise like a calving iceberg.

    It also, it seems, wants to eat you.

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