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    Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
    Oh, I was about to do somehting on the line of that as well :P

    And I'm giving up on the Froslass thing, but I do have the grass one sketched out. I'll upload it later today.

    And since everyone decided to do sprites, I tried doing it myself:

    Someone said 64x64, so I think that's what size it is right? This is also my first time spriting something. You can tell by all the awkward things going on in the sprite :D

    Oh, and what other types are we missing? I want to attempt a Fire type, but I'll see what you come up with first so ours don't conflict :P
    Well honestly, I think this is something that matched my... about a 100th attempt? Anyway the point is, I'm really impressed by this guy. Although you made a slight misunderstanding of a type. Nobody says 64x64 and that is a size only used for ROM Hacks and such, but nowadays we prefer 96x96 since that is the standard B/W sprite and also it allows for much more detail in design. But that's not a problem here, since the starters are anyway small in size so this will fit.

    Long story short: No need to make changes to this sprite, but keep this in mind while working with bigger Pokémon, base them on 96x96
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