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    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    Looks like an interesting, but really difficult challenge. Have the notes i came up with while/after reading this.

    - Sprout Tower is optional unless you play HG/SS if memory serves
    - The Move Deleter and HMs can get you free infinite pp restocks on several good moves for Feraligatr from you reach Blackthorn
    - The Spearow from the guard guy is a free Fly slave
    - It is up to you to decide whether the Game Corner counts as a shop. If it doesn't, after the E4 you can use all your money to buy yourself some good moves/pp refills for them from the move tutor on Wednesday or Saturday (Don't go for the big ones, they are more expensive with less pp)
    - Get the Exp Share as soon as possible if you intend to add any team members past the 3rd gym. switch training and straight training cost a lot of hp.
    - Mr Pokemon heals you upon reaching his house. Use that to get some training in at the start.
    -- Lance does the same thing when you get deeper into the Rocket Hideout. Keep it in mind so you can go blow your remaining hp/pp on other things before you go there
    I know it is difficult, but I do like a challenge! Thanks for the help!

    Sprout tower being optional means Totodile is definitely the best starter, as it has the least problems with gym leaders. Also, it can abuse Waterfall and Surf with the move deleter, while Cyndaquil gets just Strenght and Cut. I will not use the Game Corner, I would consider it a market, and I didn't use it in my Leafgreen run either. The free Fly slave is nice, didn't think of that yet. I don't intend to add many Pokemon to the team, as I will need to skip a lot of trainers to preserve HP and PP, so I am running low on exp already. The free heals are very nice, as it gives a small opportunity to train a little bit.

    Now I just need an idea how to beat Jasmine's Magnemites and Lt. Surge. (I suppose I want to go on to Red, if that's possible.)

    Again, thanks for your notes!

    Edit: Some more problems popped up in my mind.
    (Bugsy beaten, nvm)
    Second, team slots. As I can't use the Pokecenter, I do not have access to a PC, thus I must use the 6 slots I have wisely. Obviously my starter Totodile, but I also NEED to pick up the Togepi egg, will need some slaves too. And lastly, I can use the Master Ball to catch ANYTHING, so I will probably catch a legendary with it, as they need the least training to match my current level. Which one should I catch? So yeah, I mighht just NOT pick up the Spearow, since Fly isn't required to beat the game.