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    Originally Posted by akihiko123 View Post
    'coz i'm making some new trainers then, a while ago, when i talk to the trainers that i've made, they just only say the Closing words, they won't battle me. Then the other trainers that i made is working perfectly. Have you experience this kind of problem?
    This is because of Trainer Flags. I'm guessing you are testing this on a save file that already has beaten most of the trainers. When you beat a trainer, the game automatically clears the flag associated with the trainer. (Each trainer has one flag all to itself.) This is so that the next time you see them, they just say their closing remarks and don't battle you again. To reset this, just run this simple script before hand. I would attach it to an NPC near the area that you are testing the battle:

    #Dynamic 0x800000
    #org @start
    settrainerflag 0x[TRAINER NUMBER]

    Trainer's are kind of backwards, as they only battle when their flag is set, (most events in the game only happen when the flag is cleared, which is why this confuses some people).

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