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Part II / "First Pokémon"

Standing outside the great Professor Elm's door, Tim thinks hard about what he would want with him. Putting aside his questions, Tim opened the door and entered the laboratory.

A black haired scientist stood to his right, busying himself with the bookshelves before him. Tim looked across the lab and saw Professor Elm tinkering on his computer. Tim slowly walked through the huge lab and finally reached Elm. Tapping his shoulder. Elm perked up and swung himself around. "Tim!" he said.

The Professor quickly explained how happy he was he showed up and began to explain how Pokémon use walk with trainers before being confined in PokéBalls. Suddenly, his computer rang with a techy beep. He turned his back to Tim and read the e-mail slowly.

He turned to Tim once more. He told Tim that a man named Mr. Pokémon had discovered something and he needed Elm to see it. Expressing that he was to busy at the lab. He asked Tim to recover whatever it was from Mr. Pokémon. He offered Tim a Pokémon as his hand showed a small apparatus containing three PokéBalls.

Tim nervously walked over to the table and picked up the first PokéBall he saw. He almost knew what he was getting. With a white flash, the ball opened and it's contents poured out. Revealing the fire Pokémon Cyndaquil. It made a cute roar as the flames on his back came alive.

Elm sent Tim off and as he left the lab and walked to the gate of the town. Elm called out to him once again. He asked Tim to speak to his mother before leaving town. So Tim did. He told his mother he needed to run a quick errand and she agreed. But not before giving Tim a phone.

Moments later, Tim was again at the gate of New Bark Town. As he took the first step out of the town line, Elm cried out once more and rushed over. He gave Tim his number and then returned to his lab.

Tim traversed through tall grass and spoke to people on Route 29, he finally made it to the next town over. Cherrygrove. Before entering the town he was stopped by an energetic old man who showed him the PokéCentre and the PokéMart. And then brought Tim to his own house. Before departing he gave Tim new shoes and left into his house. Tired from the battling on Route 29, Tim walked to the PokéCentre and healed Cyndaquil. Tim and Cyndaquil called it a night and stayed over at the Centre.