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    Originally Posted by jespoke View Post
    There are the TMs for Dig and Earthquake you can find before those gyms. That would leave you vulnerable to Red though. Unless you catch a pokemon that can deal with them, I think you might better off beating Pryce and Chuck first and then Surfing the Magnemites to death or something
    I already have the Dig TM, thought Feraligatr couldn't learn it for some reason. Now the gym shouldn't be too difficult, but I'd like to save Earthquake for red, if I can.

    EDIT: Just beat the Pokemon League!
    Feraligatr lvl 58
    -Hydro Pump
    -Icy Wind

    All max PP and full HP, since you apparently get healed after the League :D. Now taking a break, will go to Kanto later, which will be much, much more difficult.

    I also need some kind of rules regarding move deleter abuse. I've now used it once, but I don't want to travel back every time just to refresh PP, as that kind of defeats the challenge. Anything good for that ?