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Interesting choice of dates/events to use for the story, I'll grant you that. Wonder if someone just teleported away the posters though The concept is intriguing, and might have potential in a larger story too.

I do feel that a bit more could have been made about the mystery behind the posters. For instance a bit more setting up of the mood of reaction to the posters rather than just statements that group a said this, group b said that.

A few other notes.
It has been two weeks since the ‘teleportation device’ poster phenomena have occurred.
I think the quotes there could be dropped, and there's a latter case where you used " rather than ' as well, so a touch of inconsistency there.
However, the media claims that there had been no witnesses of whoever was putting up those posters, even false claims were nonexistent
Run on sentence here. Probably a point where some more expansion into the mood as mentioned above could go. (E.g. how did people react to the media reports?)
now more popularly dubbed as “TD posters.”
Besides the quotation mark point made above, I think the full stop should go outside of them.
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