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Hello, Pokecommunity~ Haven't made a post in the journal for a while. Decided to log my Pokemon League battles while using my Vespiquen, Empress. I'm doing this for two reasons; two medals. The Solo-Pokemon Challenge medal and the Bug Champion medal (not sure of their exact names right now, but whatever.)

- Empress [Lv. 100]
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Attack Order / Heal Order / Defend Order / Acrobatics
  • No held item.

I've actually just finished this battle, and found that the events that took place warranted their entry in this journal. Basically, the battle started with me having Empress use Attack Order on Cofarigous and failing like a nub and getting Shadow Ball'd. Not that it hurt. Proceed into Acrobatics and it goes down. Golurk came out next, and I figured I could get a Defend Order up for a free turn. (This actually saves me later) Golurk uses Stone Edge (and doesn't miss of course), bringing me down to about 50% health. Acrobatics, and it's down.

This is where it got fun. Mismagius out-sped me and used Perish Song. This isn't something you normally worry about. Then again, you don't normally only have one Pokemon with you when fighting the Elite Four. Acrobatics, and it went down. Froslass came out, out-sped me, unleashed a Blizzard, and brought me down to about 30% health. Drifblim followed with Thunder which brought me down to 1 HP (thank God for no paralysis..). I prayed Chandelure wouldn't out-speed me, and it didn't. Acrobatics. Flame Body. Empress with 1 HP and a burn. Perish Song was at 1 at the start of this turn, too. /o/
  • Full Restore x1 was used.


Liepard. Obvious opening. Should've taken the chance to setup Defend Orders. Scrafty came out and got one-shot dealing no damage. Krookodile is where all the trouble began. First, dat Intimidate screwed me over. I lost the ability to one-shot anything anymore. Not to mention Krookodile's first Rock Slide stunned me. But, looking at the damage, I could survive two Rock Slides easily, so long as he didn't get a crit. Houndoom came out next starting with Thunderfang hoping for dat para. Didn't get it. Attack Order failed to 1HKO, got Fire Blasted. No burn, thankfully, and the next one missed, allowing me to down Houndoom. Honchkrow out-sped with Aerial Ace, but got one-shot by a critical Attack Order. Bisharp.. meh. He got owned.
  • Hyper Potion x3 was used.
  • Max Potion x2 was used.

Having learned my lesson from the last battle, I started with two Defend Orders, dodging one Stone Edge, getting hit by the second. One Acrobatics, and Throh was down. Sawk took an Attack Order like a boss after hitting Empress with a Stone Edge. I took the chance to heal, getting hit again. However, when attacking Sawk missed, making that one less threat. Conkeldurr got one-shot. Medicham got one-shot. Mienshao out-sped me with Acrobatics, dealing like no damage. Acrobatics ran out of PP, forcing me to use an Ether and letting Lucario use Dragon Pulse. Another Pulse and some fancy flying later, I won the match.
  • Hyper Potion x2 was used.
  • Ether x1 was used.

Musharna. Reuniclus. Attack Order the everything. Sigilyph. Survives with 1 HP, gets off a Air Slash, dropping Empress wo about 53~55% HP. Caitlin heals, Acrobatics KOs. Gothitelle. Attack Order. Metagross. Zen Headbutt drops me to less than 50%, Acrobatics does a nice bit of damage. Metagross sticks with Zen Headbutt like an idiot, and gets dropped by Attack Order. Gallade launches a Psycho Cut that does nothing and falls after Acrobatics.
  • Hyper Potion x2 was used.
  • Ether x1 was used.

I r i s

I'll admit. I had a chicken moment. Saved before the battle. I started off by spamming the life out of Defend Order. Archeops scares me, k. Meanwhile, Hydreigon's third Fire Blast crits me and brings me down to 32 HP (with no burn~). Thank Lilligant for Pressure, because now Hydreigon was using everything it could to beat me, and was failing. Feeling I was in the clear, I healed up with Heal Order, then followed with Attack Order to one-shot Hydreigon. Archeops Stone Edge got wall'd. Two Acrobatics and it was down. Now... Aggron.. I can't... Do crap.. But, again, gotta love Pressure. I know Aggron will get healed, it's now just a matter of Attack Ordering it to death.. Aggron gets healed, the following Attack Order gets a crit. /o/

While still playing the "K.O. That Aggron~" game, it can't do any kind of damage to me. Aggron finally goes down, and out comes Lapras. Not too sure what to do here, but good 'ol Attack Order hasn't failed me yet. Blizzard. Critical. "... Of course. .....RESET~" To not bore people, I won't commentate on every Pokemon again, however.. Hydreigon. Fire Blast! Miss. Fire Blast! Miss. Fire Blast! Critical. "...*sigh*" Archeops. Stone Edge! Miss. Stone Edge! Miss. Me: /o/ Aggron. Stone Edge! Critical! Empress was one-shot! "...WDF?!" Third attempt. Archeops. Stone Edge! Critical! Empress was one-shot! Me /facepalm.

Fourth Attempt! Made it to Lapras again. Fearing another Blizzard crit, I healed up on the first turn with Heal Order only to get put to sleep.. Blizzard missed, and I woke up. Seond Blizzard hit and did 44 damage. /o/ Acrobatics, Lapras was down! Druddigon Fire Punch'd to the hive. Did nothing. Haxorus came out with a first-turn Outrage crit and brought Empress down to 9 HP. (Was about to throw my DS at a wall..) Full Restore'd and tanked the next Outrage. Finished up with Acrobatics, and won the game~
  • Hyper Potion x??? was used.
  • Full Restore x1 was used.
  • Max Elixir x1 was used.
  • Soft Reset x3 was used.
  • Rage Quit x0 was used.

That's that~ ....Never doing this again...

[Edit] So.. apparently, I got 3 medals. Flying-type Champ, Bug-type Champ, AND "One and Only" Medals. ...... /o/

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