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    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    We skipped the last quarter's RPAs because of the difficulty to do them during the final month or so of school for a lot of people, plus the reduced activity. It'll likely pick it back up next time around.

    Although, since summer is around this time (for all you northern hemisphere guys and gals), last year we made a Roleplay event called the Roleplay Olympics (RPOs). If enough people would be interested in seeing it return, I could recreate the event, giving everyone more time to work on it ahead of time, and make new and better categories. Last year was a trial run, so this time we would be more prepared, and it could run a lot smoother.

    Let me know

    I for one would like to see the RPOs return. They were fun, and not really about winningbanything and just writing cool posts for different prompts

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