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Ok I'm gonna rechallenge this on a different game.

Username: Spritingyoshi22
Game: Soul Silver

Optional Rules:
Must nickname all of your Pokemon.
A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
No rules come into play until I have my very first set of pokeballs

Day 1:
Received a Totodile (Jaws) from Prof.Elm
Visited Mr.Pokemon's House & received the MysteryEgg
Got Pokedex off Prof.Oak
Grinded Jaws to Level 7
Beat My Rival and his Chikorita in CherryGrove City
Named my Rival Calem after the name of the male protagonist in X & Y.
Gave the Mystery Egg to Prof.Elm.
Told my mom to not save my money
Received my first set of PokeBalls
Missed out on HootHoot Lv 2 from Route 29
Caught Rattata (Johanna) Lv 4 on Route 46
Caught another Rattata (Jerry) Lv 3 on Route 30
Johanna defeats Youngster Joey and his Rattata

Day 2:
Caught Kakuna (Weevil) level 5 on Route 31
Caught Zubat (Batwoman) level 4 in the Dark Cave
Caught 3rd Rattata (Rat) level 3 in Sprout Tower
Defeated Elder Li in Sprout Tower
Grinded to level 10
Beat the 2 trainers in Falkners gym
Caught Hoppip (Apple) level 6

Jaws (Totodile) Lv 10
Johanna (Rattata) Lv 10
Batwoman (Zubat) Lv 10
Weevil (Kakuna) Lv 8

Jerry (Rattata) Lv 3
Rat (Rattata) Lv 3
Apple (Hoppip) Lv 6

Non yet and hopefully never any