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    I think I would be the ultimate judge over everyone and everything. There are some people who deserve to truly live, and others who deserve to truly suffer. I think I'd maybe be a Goddess like Maat or God like Thoth.

    Maat The Egyptian Goddess
    Areas of Influence: Maat the Egyptian Goddess stood for truth and justice. In fact the name Ma'at means truth in Egyptian. Her followers believed that after death their hearts would be weighed against her white feather of judgement. If the heart weighed the same they would be allowed to cross into the kingdom of Osiris (Paradise). However those that failed the test would be devoured by the crocodile headed God Ammut.

    She also represented the the primal laws of the universe that supported creation and prevented it from falling into choas. In this crucial role she stood for balance and harmony. Her power was beyond the Pharoah's who declared themselves beloved of Ma'at and upholders of her laws.
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