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PART III / Route 30 & Mr. Pokémon

Tim awoke in the Pokémon Centre in the early afternoon. Cyndaquil was fast asleep and Tim gently shook the Pokémon. It yawned and it's flames again burst into action. They both left the Centre and walked next door to the Mart. Tim puchased Potions, Antidotes and Paralyze Heals.

Following that however, they both left for Route 30, but were stopped by the old man who toured Tim and Cyndaquil through Cherrygrove. He uploaded a map card onto Tim's PokéGear, wished Tim luck and went back into town.

Tim headed north and battled several Weedles and Pidgeys. He noticed a strange plant in front of someones house. He investigated but could not make out what it was. He entered the house and saw a gentleman sitting at his table.

The man turned to Tim and excitedly handed him a Apricorn Box, telling him the after one is picked it takes 24 hours for them to grow back.

Thankful, Tim and Cyndaquil waved good bye as they headed further north.
Through the woods they saw the small house. Tim entered and saw Mr. Pokémon and another elderly man sitting at the table, focused intently on his computer.

Mr. Pokémon rushed over and deduced that Tim was the person Professor Elm had sent. He walked over to a glass cabinet and carefully carried what he retrieved to Tim. An Egg, with green spots. He said it was a Pokémon egg and handed it to Tim. "Bring it to Elm." He asked. Before Tim could leave the old man finally took notice of Tim and approached. Identifying himself as Professor Oak he examined both Tim and his Cyndaquil. He explained that he had manufactured the first PokéDex 3 years ago and gave Tim the second version asking him to explore Johto an see lots of Pokémon. Tim took the PokéDex and after a short rest left the cottage. Just as Tim stepped outside the door his phone rang. It was Elm and he sounded worried...