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    I started playing HeartGold again with a twist! I can only take Pokemon that are required to obtain/battle to progress the story with the exception of HM Slaves and shinies should I find any. I'm including Togepi since you are required to get the egg, and depending on your starter, it'd be really hard to beat the whole game up until Sudowoodo without any help.

    My character name is Lyra, and my rival's name is Carlos. (Named after the hilariously lame fanfic character from the Pokemon Shiny Gold rom hack)

    I picked Cyndaquil as my starter, and it was a male. I'd later on REALLY regret not resetting to get a female one. After obtaining a mysterious egg from Mr. Pokemon, I headed towards Violet City to take on the sprout tower and gym leader. Right before the battle with the Sprout Tower elder, Cyndaquil evolved into quilava! After that I had no problem beating up Falkner and obtaining the zephyr badge.

    I got a call saying to pick up the mysterious egg at the Pokemart, and I saved before going into the mart. After geting the egg and talking to the kimono girl, I walked back and forth until Togepi hatched from the egg! Sadly it had the hustle ability, so I warped time and space and reset to before I got the egg. The second time Togepi hatched, it had Serene Grace, and I was able to move on.

    After level grinding Togepi to the same level as Quilava, I went through union cave and arived in Azalea. After a brief series of Team Rocket battles in Slowpoke well, I was able to go fight Bugsy and easily beat him with Quilava. As Carlos might say, "Nobody could lose to this pathetic gym".

    After beating up Carlos on the way to Ilex forest, I rescued two farfetched and got the cut HM. I captured an Oddish so I could use cut, and taught Quilava and Togepi Headbutt.

    After a bunch of battles it was time to fight Whitney, and without the help of either Dunceparce or Geodude, she was a massive pain in the butt. Since both Quilava and Togepi were male, Miltank could fully abuse attract, and it must have taken about 12 tries before I finally beat her with the help of LOTS of X items. This was by far the hardest part of my journey so far, and I'm amazed I was even able to beat her. I had to abuse Quilava's Smokescreen and ability to burn opponents in order to stand a chance even WITH X items.

    I won a Luxury ball at the goldenrod lottery, and since it was Sunday I was able to get the Return TM as well! I went to go capture Sudowoodo, and it went extremely well. Togepi's Yawn really helped out, and I was able to catch it in the luxury ball I just got! I had to catch it a second time though since the first time it didn't have the rock head ability.

    I trained on wild Stantler for a while, and went to go beat up Carlos again. This time was pretty easy now that I had three guys to help me out, and after the battle, Togepi evolved into Togetic! That's what being nice to your Pokemon can do Carlos. ; )

    Yadda Yadda legendaies blah blah TIME TO FIGHT MORTY! Morty was no problem for me due to Togetic's extrasensory, and even if Togetic somehow got knocked out, I had Sudowoodo's Faint Attack as a back up. A LOT easier than Whitney.

    Yadda yadda lighthouse yadda yadda surfing towards cianwood on the tauros hm slave I caught TIME TO FIGHT CHUCK! Chuck went pretty well, though I had much more trouble with Primeape than Poliwrath. Primeape's rock slide knocked out Quilava, and oddly enough it was Sudowoodo's Low kick that saved the day. After Primeape was knocked out, Togetic took care of Poliwrath who kept trying to use focus punch and just let me spam Extrasensory.

    Flew back to Olivine and delivered the secret potion to Jasmine, and went to go fight her in the gym. Thinking this would be an easy fight, I was actually completely unable to beat her, actually forcing me to go train. Suddenly I thought, "Do I HAVE to fight her yet?" and headed towards the lake of rage.

    Fortunately I didn't have to fight Jasmine yet, and was able to catch the red gyarados who just happened to be at the same level as Togetic and Sudowoodo. Talked to lance and he told me to go to the suspicious mahogany gift shop. Rather than do that, I flew back to Olivine to take care of business.

    The fight with Jasmine still didn't go over too great, but I did win! Quilava took out the first magnemite with some prior help from Sudowoodo, Gyarados took out Steelix by using surf, and quilava finished off the other Magnemite.

    I flew back to Mahogany to take care of Team Rocket. I purposely left the alarm activated so I could fight more rocket grunts and get more exp. I then had to knock out three Electrode to shut down the radio transmitter team rocket was using, but since I'm a good trainer, (and since it makes Lance look bad) I captured/rescued all three Electrode, and picked the best one to join my party.

    I then went back to the ocean to level grind Electrode on all the water type trainers, and now Electrode is almost at the same level as my other party members.

    And now you're caught up to where I left off.

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