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Originally Posted by gogojjtech View Post
You need more than that, footprint table, habitat table, front sprite table, backsprite table, cry table, pokedex data table, pokemon data table, name table, pallet table, icon table, icon pallet table. Yeah... there's a patch in development for all 649, but honestly 411 is enough for one person. I know you won't use ones like farfetch'd, shuckle, anything you won't use, go ahead and replace.
Thanks for your response.

Oh, I found pointers from the "The 65535 pokemon" a couple of years ago. Do they seem right? It looks like people were able to edit past 440 after all.

And I'm making a Touhoumon hack, and I'm planning on adding a bunch of extra forms in the future. I already filled up 25 slots with just Dark Touhoumon, and I didn't even use them all. So yeah, I think I do need more than 411.