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Pokémon Corruption

Back in 2011, I was making a game now as Pokémon Corruption, it was one of my greatest games
in my own personal opinion, and ironically, all the files got ... corrupted. In a rage I gave
up and moved onto other things, but now, Summer 2013, 2 years later, corruption makes a brand
new return.

It's said the origins of life may never be explained, did some holy figure really create life
from the sweat of his or her palm? Or did the sun expand causing planets to form from atoms,and
bacteria to evolve into beings? No-one knows, these things, No-one might ever know.
But in the Dural region it's believed to God pokemon created our world, The Alpha, Arcues, and
the Omega, Shadrin. They created the region together, making a sacred hail of holy peace, until
Arceus was not pleased, and dedicded to leave, to make his own world. Naturally
this angered the Shadrin, causing him to curse the lands, making bad things in the world
like Illness, and death. So angry he split the gates between the mortal and holy realms, the
bond never to be made again.

3,000,000,000 years haver passed since the world has been made, the war between Science and Religon
are as strong as always, and more and more Pokémon are being discovered, The Dural region awaits you, as Primo
from Teachy TV specials, gives you, your own partner to explore the world with.


No HMs.

- Every HM will be replaced with items.
Ax, PickAxe, Power Glove, Swim Gear, Paraglide, Mining Helm, Dive Gear.

Fairy Type:
- Due to Gen 6 announcements, Fairy type will be added.

Large Mixture of Pokemon:
- There will be a large selection of Pokémon to catch from Gens I - V


*apologies for the night time screens, I took them late at night, I'll have day time ones soon*
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