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Wow. Sorry it took me so long to comment on this!

Once again, you've managed to amaze me. :)

I love this line, I really do. I especially love how delightfully twisted it is. Like a mix between everything I like about Mismagius and Gothitelle. I don't know if that's where you drew inspiration from (probably not considering you said this design has been with you for a while and you didn't based it off of anything in particular soo) but you've managed to capture the essence of the two -- pretty much the essence of what makes a Ghost type Pokemon -- while still being so uniquely your own.

It.... that watermark though. ;o; I know, I know.. but it really does get in the way of the finer details around the face; specifically Chiby's. But hey, that's nitpicking at this point. You know you're accomplished, is there anything I could say that you haven't already heard? ;)

Seriously though, another awesome update and another stunning line. You should do this more often! xD
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