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Victoria "Alys" Taimor and Varian Sigmund - Garius, Palaven

Phantom pain still racked her body as Alys made her way over to the window that Varian leaned over. She had recovered greatly since leaving Dalenham, mostly due to her eagerness to make it to Palaven and onto Raelus. For now, she was only biding her time.

"I hope this doesn't change anything," Alys mentioned to Varian with regards to the revelation of her identity, leaning out the window next to him, "but then again, hope is just an illusion..." an illusion she was trying to grasp at the moment.

Varian eyed Alys as she approached her and spoke to him. Without having to tell him, he knew immediately that she referred to the big reveal that happened earlier that day. It came as a surprise to him that she was of noble birth, but they all had their secrets, Varian included. He sighed, and looked out the window into the city below. "As long as you can keep firing your bow, I could care less about the rest." He turned his gaze from the window to Alys. 'We all have baggage. Some private, some not as much. In the end, I suppose it doesn't matter. I think the less people in our profession know about each other, the better things would work out." He thought for a moment, then spoke once more. "It's not in my nature to pry. Your business is your own, but I am curious why a noble-born chose this life."

"Hah," she laughed at his idea that she had chosen this life, Alys new fully well that one did not choose the paths they walked in life, rather life put them on that path for a reason. And all paths eventually lead to Infernum. "The Burning King stole my parents from me several years back, I just couldn't stand being around my family. Ever since then, I vowed that I would walk the path given to me by the Gods, become stronger, and steal the frozen heart of the Burning King from him."

Alys felt the dormant emotions stir within her, like twin dragons curling around her stomach, wanting to erupt forth. She clenched her fist harder, trying to fight back the tears in her eyes as she remembered the message sent for them. The last couple of years she had spent training, fighting and growing stronger had culminated in the moment she stepped off the boat onto the Island.

"Ah...I see..." He exhaled deeply, as she finally revealed the purpose of her mercenary life. It would make sense, as the Taimor house hailed from the Golden Isles, and there was much activity with Raelus through the Trader's Waters. Varian was silent for a while, debating on what he should say next. On one hand, he himself had personal experience with revenge. His father had died by an orc raiding party, and if he would have pursued them at that point and time, so many things would have been different today. Maybe, he might not even have been alive. On the other hand, he had no business getting into other's affairs. That was the mercenary code. And it seemed he was about to break it.

"Listen, I'm the last one to be doing this, but if you want my opinion, just drop it. The Burning King is in one of the most fortified castles in Aerion. You'd need an army to crack through those walls, and even that might not be enough. It's a fool's path."

"How can I drop the fact that He killed my parents, burnt them to the bottom of the ocean leaving me effectively an orphan!" Alys was starting to get roiled up, anger pulsing through her veins as she clenched her fists tighter, "he needs to pay for what he did, Gods help me I'll make that happen or die trying!"

Varian sighed. He understood what drove Alys. It made sense. When someone close to them was slain, some sort of retribution is expected. It made Varian briefly wonder why he didn't do the same for his father. Perhaps they weren't as close as he imagined. Either way, he knew he was a better man for not pursuing revenge. He wanted Alys to get that same chance. "You can drop it for two reasons. One, they're dead, and nothing you can do will bring them back. Two, you're alive, and you can actually still make something of your life." Varian looked down at the city below through the window. The body of the criminal was already being cleared away from the execution grounds.

"If I could bring them back, I would in a heartbeat, but there's nothing I can do about that now. What I can do is take from the man what he took from them." She looked to the horizon, seeing the bright smiles of her parents reflected in the light of the setting sun. All she ever wanted to do was make them proud, make them happy to have her as a child and there was no doubt in her mind that she could do that now, "I have made something of my life, I gave it all up long ago to become the person I am now that will take down the Burning King once and for all." Alys was adamant this was the path she wanted to walk, in her eyes, she could see nothing but the path she now walked.

The Highman shook his head at her response, a slight grunt escaping his mouth. "People have always died in the name of those long dead." He said, partially to himself and partially to Alys. He turned to her. "You'll die. You know that, right? If it was simple stroll to the castle of Eldur and knocking on the front gates of the throne, and slaying the man, you'd have my blessing. But Gods damn it, Alys, there's no way you'd make it. Why waste your life? You've got a place among us now. You're good with a bow. We can use you. And if we get the jobs done, we can live like kings!"

"You don't understand! I know I'll die, I accepted that long ago when I walked out of the gates of Rowanion. I'll never be able to fully live my life without having him having lied dead at my feet. I don't want to, I can't live like a King with his still alive, reminding me of the one reason my parents now rest at the bottom of the ocean!" She was starting to get frustrated with Varian, he didn't know how she felt, he didn't know what she was going through, he was just trying to use her like everyone else in goddamned Aerion. She slapped the side of her clenched fist against the marble wall, biting back the pain that now stung her draw hand.

She took a deep breathe in, soaking the last of the sunlight that fell upon the city. "Everyone has their paths to walk in life, my path leads me to the Burning King. Whether I make it or not is for the Gods to decide."

Varian was beginning to see that she had long ago made up her mind about this. It didn't seem like anything he would say could change her mind. "Gods damn this," Varian cursed. "Ullur calm our anger..." He muttered under his breath. "Fine then. You want this? I won't stop you. But at least think about it as we do this job. At least do that for me."

"I'll do it. This is the last job I work for you guys. I finish it, and I'm heading to Raelus. No emotions, no arguement, you let me part ways so I can do what I must." Alys turned her back, feeling the last light heat up her spine, "that's the least you can do for me."

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