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Delta Mayor, Oakley North, and Agnes Johansson-
- Paris, France

A quick assessment of the situation assured Delta that if they fought she would most likely be crushed in the palm of the new Atlantean. This girl's armor wasn't like the cement guy’s whose head laid on the ground near them, it was almost superior to his in every way it seemed. Delta eyed the area thinking of different ways to run from this encounter, though she normally wasn't one to run from a fight until someone took their last breath. What tugged at her thoughts was how the girl automatically attacked the other Atlantean even though Delta was the one who held a gun at his head. She had made the assumption that he was Royal Family, as he very well could be, but what was she? A rogue Atlantean hunting the killer of her mother? That part was a bit odd, Delta knew if the person that killed her mother stood before her she would make sure they were dead by slitting their throat.

"I could've handled him y'know," remarked Delta, she wasn't one for trying to be saved, again. With her pistol at her side Delta waited wearily for the girl's response, maybe she would explain herself without any problems.

"Oh," Oakley blinked out of her phase. Those past few moments... she really hadn't been thinking at all. "Sorry."

"Did he really kill your mother? I'm not one to stand in the path of vengeance," Delta stated clearly, as she carefully looked over the blonde haired girl. She then checked the magazine of the handgun she held in her hand and saw that she had only fired four rounds, "I'm not fond of Royal Family members, and I have more than enough bullets left. If you're not up to it I'll gladly do it."

"Oh... um," she didn't really want to lie, glancing at the gun that Delta pulled out. She shouldn't be afraid of it, half her body covered in armour (both of her full arms and slightly down her body. There was a bit of armour poking up from her neck), but it was just a human response to guns, "well, no. I just thought maybe it would confuse him. He's just a big jerk."

Delta was now curious, "So, he's not a mother-killing psychopath Atlantean? That's good, I have plans to kill him later." If that happened to the case that meant they were on semi familiar terms... Was she Royal Family as well then? Apparently luck wasn't on Delta's side today, what was she to do now? The girl wore a very large black coat as if she was trying to cover up something with jeans and boots. Delta supposed since it wasn't normally raining meteors from the sky it would be rather chilly this time of year. It was all very inconspicuous or at least trying to be except for the big splits in the sleeves from her armored arms ripping through. "You're Royal Family then? Why are you still here? Do we have a score to settle?" Delta questioned trying to pinpoint what was going on and if it was worth her time.

"N-no!" Oakley took a step back as she felt the hostility suddenly rise, waving her large armour-coated hands, as if this girl was a bank robber and Oakley needed to reason or bargain with her. "I-I'm not with them. Yeah. Them. I'm here because I followed him here. Yeah. Th-that's all."

"You followed him...? So, you're just following a random Atlantean but yet you're not with them?" Delta's eagerness to know more about this terribly confusing situation was the only thing that kept her planted for the moment. This is why Delta kept to herself she always-made sense unlike whatever was happening here. Delta sighed then added, "You're offly confusing and I can see why he left you, because I'm ready to do the same."

"No! It's not like that! It's like..." Oakley had no idea what to say that would make sense that wouldn't make this girl shoot her in the skull. The truth was the first thing that came to her mind. "Okay, um, my name is Oakley North. I know... him. Nathaniel. I know him, and w-we came here together. But him and J-James left me alone so I followed him, and then they split up and so I f-followed Nathaniel but then I got lost and then I found him and you and... I s'pose I p-punched him for leaving me b-behind and thinking I was weak." She shrugged at the end, chattering her teeth (she couldn't rub her arms to keep warm like she usually would). "D-did that make sense?"

"You have quite the tale, so, you and your friends are all together? Yet none of you belong to the Atlantean Royal Family and I know that you aren't in the Atlantean Unification Project, so where does that put you?" Delta looked over the girl and despite her armored covered arms she didn't look that dangerous, just alone. Perhaps they were just three Atlanteans that had happened to find each other, but knowing the facts would help a great deal more than assumptions. This girl, Oakley, was now on her own and Delta knew the reality of being abandoned. She had supplied Delta with Ice Boy's name, Nathaniel, it fit him very well but there was another one out there, James, would she meet him soon as well?

"Well, I g-guess we were together," she glanced at the Paris rubble she had punched Nathaniel into, noticing he was no longer there. So, he had left her again? Which way did he go? Did she bother following him? Her ears perked up when she heard the words Royal Family and Unification Project. She had only heard those names when the Librarian had told them what he wanted from them. Was she... a part of something? "I... I don't know wh-what I belong in. I only wanted h-help with my arm. Um, my ability."

She lifted her enormous hands into face view, trying to use the power of her crystal to subdue the armour. She could feel it suppressing on her shoulders, but not at an impressive rate. She dropped them to the floor, the hands making a loud 'clunk' on the cement and 'sploosh' in the small puddle underneath them. The Librarian had made so much time for the boys, because they had asked for it. Maybe she should have... done something as well.

Another sigh escaped Delta's mouth because as much as she wanted to leave the girl standing before her to die, she couldn't. Something deep, deep inside Delta reminded her of her own abandonment issues and how she wished someone came along. In order to not appear as if she really cared Delta need another justification for the offer she was going to make. In the corner of her eye she spotted the perfect reason, "You know I'm probably going to get into trouble for killing him." Waving a hand toward the only thing that remained of the Atlantean she had fought with Ice B-Nathaniel, his head. "The Atlantean Unification Project or the AUP, the group I belong to, well, they helped me with my ability which is quite similar to yours... What I'm trying to say is, I need you, to... um… join so that I can be overlooked." Delta sounded kind of harsh at the end that was a must if she wasn't going to look like she had gone with the emotional route. It was the first time since they had talk that Delta actually avoided the other girl's gaze and instead looked at the meteor filled sky.

"Oh, um," so she was part of a group, Oakley thought. Did that mean... had she just accidently joined the Atlantean Unification Project? That's what the Librarian wanted her to do. She mulled over her options for a moment; was she... a spy? Or could she be a member? Like the girl had said, this Unification Project had helped her with her ability, and there was no denying that the two's abilities were very similar. Of course, knowing what she had seen from the Librarian, she didn't think she could just walk away from their 'agreement'. She decided to join, but she would decide whom she had to betray later. As awful as that sounded, "okay. What's your name, by the way?" Oakley added with a gentle smile.

"Del, just Del." Delta replied sharply, knowing how everyone back at headquarters had taken a liking to referring to her as Delta when she deliberately told them not. The occasional threat was becoming more of an everyday occurrence, something she hoped would be settled once they got back.

Some distance above the two girls, a third approached, sailing down through the air more or less clumsily. Agnes was not sure where to go now. She tried sorting it out on her way down from the Eiffel Tower. She wanted to make sure that what she had witnessed moments earlier was really the end of the catastrophe. And she wanted to find Atticus, and Fred. Last time she saw them, they had been headed towards the base of the tower, on foot, to try and find Emil and Delta and the others...

Delta. A shudder went through Agnes body and she tumbled a little in the air. At least she knew where she might be, unless she had gone already.

She closed in on the place where she had last seen the crystal woman and it turned out she was still there. And another girl too? Who was also an Atlantean! She had strange growth on her body, which gave it away. She seemed to be talking with Delta. They weren't fighting.

Still wary though, Agnes soared lower until she was just above them and a couple of meters aside.

"Delta!" she called out, as usual disregarding that the other girl preferred to be called something else. She took a breath to steel herself and force away the image of the head on the ground. Yet, her usually bright and cheerful face was uncharacteristically serious. "What happened?"

Before the conversation between Oakley and herself could go any further a voice called from above. Relieved when it was only Agnes but peeved that she had shouted the forbidden name. Delta hissed a single word to the flying Atlantean girl, "Del." She thought about putting that gun to good use after all that would certainly get the message through. "There was a fight and… and… this guy kept tr-trying to k-k-kill us. I didn't want to hurt him, I swear it!" Delta put on a feigned face of sadness as she stumbled through her words as if she didn't have the whole conversation planned out in her head. "He was rambling about how he was going to rip my head from my shoulders and... and... this other Atlantean did that to him! He had ice powers... he was so strong! I tried, really tried, to get him to just capture the guy y'know like Emilio wanted but he was reckless..." Trailing off Delta focused her attention away from the head to make it seem as if she couldn't bear to look it. She continued her twisted work of fiction, "He froze my feet, then froze him, shattered his body, and made me watch! Next he came for my-my head then Oakley here saved me by tossing him away."

Agnes was certainly the one to quickly trust others, and she floated down to the ground to stand in a triangle with Oakley and her AUP ally. But at the same time, she knew Delta wasn't really telling the truth here. Because Agnes had seen her decapitate the man. She chose to simply believe Delta now though, putting away her conflicting memories, mostly because she felt more comfortable with that.

Oakley glanced at Del, a little surprised at the story she had given this new flying girl. Oakley didn't correct her or ask why, just gave the new girl a small wave with her enormous hand and a smile.

"I'm Oakley," she said, unsure what else there was to add.

Agnes felt enormously relieved when she saw that the new girl smiled, and in a way that showed no hostility.

"I'm Agnes!" she said and smiled back, feeling warmth and sanity returning to her. Now that she was standing with her two feet back on the ground and the meteors were letting up, she was almost beginning to feel excited about this adventure again. "That is some power you've seem to got there! How come you came to Delta's rescue by the way? Are you French?"

Agnes suddenly looked around for a moment and turned to. "And also, where's that other guy who was with you?"

"I'm... French-Canadian?" Oakley said, answering the question that seemed the easiest.

Close a loud noise roared to life, an explosion of sorts flared to life. A copious amount of flames had been seen shooting up in the air from their position. Delta could tell that was going to leave a lot of destruction in its wake. It had caught the attention of Agnes and Oakley too, but Delta was the first to move on and it took off. Thankfully it had cut short their conversation. She saw the hesitation they had and ignored her own, something major was going on and she wanted to be apart of it. Perhaps Ice Boy had met his maker, one could only hope.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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