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James Hazen and Dominique Bisset - Champ de Mars, Paris, France

November 8th, 2012

The dust and debris that had covered the air from the meteor had slowly begun to settle. For the first time, James could clearly see the appearance of his presumable first opponent. The brightness of a reflective gold Rolex was the first thing to catch his eye, followed by how finely dressed he was. James was certain the man came from some sort of money. He walked closer to the man, judging that he was about the same height as James, or perhaps a bit taller. He had relatively the same build too. Though at this point that was pretty irrelevant to him. There was only one thing James wanted to know from the man.

"You Atlantean?" He asked, scanning around his body to locate his tattoo that would prove that he was. He found nothing, but he had heard from the Librarian that tattoo appeared in a variety of areas across the body. James clenched his right fist, his pace coming to a halt as he awaited an answer.

James' over-casual question didn't remedy the situation. It only made Dom angrier. Flaming balls falling from the sky and the first thing said to him was: "You Atlantean?" That didn't exactly sit well with him. That little comment was enough to make his anger spike. In less than a second he was ablaze. His anger-fueled flames rose on his body before spreading quickly to his clothing and engulfing his entirety in fire.

"What the hell do you think?" Dominique asked irritably, switching to English automatically.

Perhaps it was the casual way in which he asked, or perhaps it was the general nature of the man before him, but he instantly reacted to James' question with a show of his powers. The Librarian had mentioned to him before that each power was unique, and that only one person would have a certain power at a time. That meant, as luck would have it, that James had hit a major player. Fire manipuation.

"I think..." James brought his hand above his head, inside gathering any nearby electricity that still existed despite the meteors. Either way, he had gathered enough juice before he had arrived, but he had to match his opponent's display of power with an equal showing of his own. Lightning surged across the flame-striken city. It bounced off areas, and gathered at the palm of his hand. The lightning moved around chaotically in his hand, but he could feel its energy slow poor inside of him. Within the palm of his hand, he literally held power. Pure power, at its most anarchic and unstable form. It was quite an exhilerating feeling for James.

Slowly, he brought his hand down, and allowed the lightning to bounce around nearby object, as a bit of a show, before it entered inside of him. His fingers tingled, his heart beat faster. "...I just hit the jackpot." He concluded, a smirk forming at his face. He didn't delay anymore as he brought a hand forward and pointed it at his opponent, and shot a bolt of lightning out of his hand, James feeling the transfer of power from inside of himself toward the outside world, and towards his opponent.

Dominique was unimpressed by the little circus display James decided to show him. He was more eager to send flames than watch the spectacle, but lightening (which really only occured to him in hindsight) was a lot faster than he was. The blast struck him a little off from his chest, knocking Dom back as the surge momentarily arrested his body. As the feeling died, Dom's anger only rose. Almost as if an explosion had gone off in his body the fires flared; growing bigger, getting hotter. He rose from the ground, so engulfed that he no longer looked human, but like a entity made from flames. Dom thrusted out his hand, shooting a barrel of powerful fire straight towards his enemy as if his own arm was a cannon itself.

James grinned, satisfied that his first attack managed to land on his opponent. Though, he would have found himself disappointed if that had managed to take him down already. Luckily, he was getting up again. However, James' grin disappeared as he saw the 'man' before him, though he didn't really appear like much of a man. With his entire body covered in flames, the man suddenly brought his own hand up to launch an attack at James. Distracted by the appearance of his opponent, James didn't get an opporunity to dodge. "F*ck," He cursed to himself, as he gathered energy as fast as he could in his palms. Static sizzled in his arms, electricity forming from the appearance of small, smooth balls in his hands to electric, chaotic wave of energy. He brought his arms up, hoping the electricity would derail some of the combustion heading before him, though it did little to stop the overwhelming attack sent at him. After clashing with the flames for a few seconds, James was swept off his feet, and sent through the air, crashing into a nearby pile of debris.

His lay there for a moment, pain clinging to his back and his arms, the back from the fall and the arms from the attack. Looking at his arms, he noticed a few burn marks appear on them. Luckily, they didn't seem too severe, as the lightning he had gathered before probably blocked any burns from becoming permanently embedded on his skin. Standing up with a groan, James took a moment to collect himself before facing his opponent once more. The attacks he was releasing were probably far too powerful to directly conflict with without exhausting all of his energy. If he wanted to beat this guy, he was going to have to find a way to do it in a more indirect manner.

At least, those were the thoughts that briefly made their way to James' mind. "F*ck it," He cursed out loud, instead of listening to them, he decided to test the limits of his own abilities. He began to gather electricity from inside of his body onto the surface of his palms once more. This time, he took out more energy. Electricity crackled in his hands, and grew louder, the sign that even more energy was applied to them. Then, he placed both of these balls of electricity together, and shot them as one wave of lightning at his opponent.

Dom had a grin, but it disappeared when his foe rose a little too soon for his liking. He didn't want a back and forth skirmish, he wanted this Atlantean gone and the rest would surely come after if he got this way. This *sshole was just wasting his time. James charged his electricity again, but Dominique had no intention of being hit by another blast. By the way the electricity crackled it sounded like a big one. Dom brought up his hand, charging for his own similar blast. The first one wasn't strong enough so adding a little heat would do wonders. As James placed his balls of electricity together, Dominique took that as his que and fired instantly. He sent his blast first, but as before, the electricity was faster and it soared over his flames in a jagged path straight towards him. It hit just like it had before, knocking him back, farther this time, and sending numbing jolts through his body. The blast sent back towards a nearby tree, but he didn't hit it hard enough to break it, just add to the fires that already possessed it.

A smirk appeared across James' face as he saw his lightning sneak past Dom's attack and strike directly on the opposing Atlantean. Yet James' reverence in his own attack made him unprepared for Dom's flame blast which snuck underneath his lightning, and rapidly surged towards him. Unprepared, James held his hands up to protect his face, once again releasing electricity from his palms to try and lessen the damage the blaze would cause. The fire burst at James with the force of a molten boulder, knocking him off of his feet without much trouble, and causing him to dive through the air before landing roughly and abruptly on his back. He groaned from his position on the floor, whatever remnants of the grass below long being burnt away by the fires around. His arms tingled both with the numbing sensation of having used his lightning, and the burning feeling of the intense heat the other Atlantean discharged. In a way, they sort of canceled each other out, causing James not to have as much pain around that area. Combined with the adrenaline of being in combat, James was able to begin picking himself up off the ground relatively soon after he dropped. He grinned at the area where he dropped his opponent. His heart beat rapidly, not from nervousness or fear, but from the excitement he was getting from being in such a fight, one on a degree he had never been before. He was enjoying this new experience.

James caught his breath before he decided to go in for another attack. However, before he could begin powering up for another set of charges, James became abruptly aware of the treacherous climate the two in which the two fought. The meteors that rained down across Paris once again reminded them of their presence by deciding to launch a few in their area. One meteor aimed directly to the right of where James now stood, with James quickly trying to roll away to the left to avoid the meteor. As he noticed by a quick scan of where Dom lingered, another one was heading right for him.

Dom glared from against the tree. He'd managed to hit his opponent, but the blast didn't stop him from getting back up. He guessed that meant Atlanteans were more resilient than normal people since a person didn't just stand up after being hit by a blast of fire. Then again he'd been blasted by two bolts of electricity without a day for rest. That wasn't quite so normal either. Dominique used the rapidly burning tree to help him stand, more than ready to knock James down one last time. As he did, he noticed an object at the top of his vision and instantly remembered the chaos rainging down on Paris. The booms of the meteors entering the Earth's atomosphere, the screams of Parisians still yet to flee, and the roar of fire returned to his ears. Dominique looked into the sky and his eyes widened as a truck-sized meteor fell towards him, screaming as it cut through the sky. Dom thrust his hand out, shooting fire from his palm towards the meteor. Flames sprayed out from the giant space rock, but it continued on its path toward him. More power may have helped him out, but Dom wasn't going to stick around to see. As quickly as he could, Dominique ran and jumped out of the way of the meteors impact. The force of the meteor's strike knocked him off his feet, sending fire and debris through the air. When he looked back, the tree he'd just been leaning on had vanished into nothing. Dominique stood up, shaken. The meteor had landed a little too close for comfort.

James managed to roll directly to the left of where the meteor landed, but the shockwave of the impact carried him forward and knocked him to the ground. Ash, dust, and smoke instantly lifted from the earth and into the atmosphere, and James coughed, inhaling the black air into his lungs. Despite his realization that he would likely have injuries, some which might be fairly severe after the fight, he began once again moving to his feet, though at a slower pace this time. Then, once again, he found a grin form on his face. He wasn't sure how to explain it. He had almost been crushed by a giant meteor, burned by forceful flames from the other Atlantean. Any ordinary, reasonable, sane person would be freaking out, or breaking down. James wasn't. His heart pumped adrenaline through his system. He bore scratched and burn marks as attesters of his battles. But his hand, which he held up to observe closely, was steady. It didn't shake at all, because it wasn't fear that drove him. In fact, James couldn't recall a time when he felt more invigorated, and he was beginning to understand why. Perhaps he wasn't ordinary. Perhaps he wasn't reasonable. Perhaps he wasn't sane.

Turning to Dom, James witnessed as his Atlantean opponent had just utilized his own strength to decelerate a meteor a few meters in length, before narrowly escaping the hit. "F*cking hell," James cursed to himself, wondering if he would have been able to do the same. He was beginning to acknowledge the strength his opponent possessed, and briefly considered if he should have chosen a more delicate first opponent. He dismissed those thought almost immediately, though, reminding himself that he was having the time of his life. As Dom stood back up, James spoke over to him, wondering if he understood anything he was saying, but also not too concerned if he didn't. "You're a tough son of a b*tch, you know that?" He hollered to him from the sounds of impacting meteors across the landscape. He breathed in heavily, gathering energy from inside of his body, as the Librarian had taught him, and transferring it through his nervous system to his arms, particularly for more powerful measures, at the times of his fingers and his palms. He could begin to hear the discharging of electricity pass from inside his arms to the outside, forming into the chaotic, impermanent, tumultuous attack. As he breathed out, he launched the lightning from the palm of his hand in a more accumulated bolt.

Dom turned his head when he heard James' shout. He grinned. "You seem like you've gotten a little passed mediocre yourself!" Dominique shouted back. When James raised his palms Dominique knew he had to attack now. If he didn't, he'd be struck by another bolt before he even had the chance to consider raising his arm. Before James could release his shot, Dom let loose his own and, just as before, once it was finally released the lightning bolt streamed through the air, traveling at a speed much faster than Dom's fires could manage. He braced himself for another impact from James' attack, but the lightning was stopped short when it collided with his own flames. The bolt was strong enough to push back Dom's attack, closing in on him slowly as it pushed through. He raised his other arm quickly, shooting a second blast from his palm to aid the first. With the extra boost he was able to push the lightning back from him, but it only went so far before both attacks hung in the air, both determined to push forward and neither willing to ease up.

The intensity of James' attack was matched with one of equal ferocity by his opponent. The two waves of Atlantean energy collided, with his own appearing to have the upper hand, until Dom released a second wave of flames, which began to push back his lightning. Sweat poured down his back, a combination of the intense focus and extertion of his stamina he was put under by releasing that much of his energy in such a successive manner, and also due to the extreme torridity the two energies continuously emitted. He breathed in again, tapping deep into whatever reserve energy he had swimming around his body, and concentrated it all to his arms. In the process, he could feel his arms begin to tingle, and in some cases, lose all feeling. He then remembered the Atlantean crystal which hung around his neck in a chain the Librarian gave him, and decided now was a good a time as any to utilize it. "F*ck if I know how..." He muttered under his breath, as the two attacks continuously collided.

Dom could feel sweat begin to bead up on his body, but it would all evaporate before it got a chance to fully form. For the first time during this battle he felt... Hot. It was like the sun was beating down hard and he was wearing three layers of sweaters. In other words, he felt like sh*t. Dominique panted hard as he tried to keep his focus. If he let his concentration down now he'd probably be hit and if he was starting to feel like this then that might not get back up. James must have been thinking the same thing. The electricity that fought his fires grew, screeching louder as the ends of it shot out and popped in the air, as if it were desperate for a target. Once again his flames shrunk as James' attack advanced towards him. Sh*t...! Dominique took a deep breath and conjured up whatever extra power he could. With one last heave of extra strength, he pushed strong fire from his palms, turning up the heat in his own attack and his own body. The extra power in his attack only seemed to aggravate the lightning more. The branches of electricity that popped off of the attack only accelerated and its screeching turned into a scream which quieted the lungs of every dying citizen in Paris. The air itself even felt super charged. Dom couldn't tell if it was the power of the attack or their proximity that made his hairs reach in the direction of the energy. He didn't have time to take a guess before all at once the lightning reacted. In a flash the lightning branched out from its source, snaking like a spiderweb into the ground and exploding in the air. Thunder erupted as Dom was pushed off of his feet, dust, debris, and fire flying without direction into the air.

Dominique groaned on the ground. His skin ached from the results of the blast and the world spun above him. Bits of fire rained down from the dust covered air and small zaps of electricity appeared on and off in its mist. Dom groaned again, wanting nothing more to stay on the ground, but needing to stand once more. He couldn't fall here, he still had to find his parents, and anyways he had to see if his opponent had finally fallen. He forced himself onto his feet, stomach churning, legs weak and shaking. The sounds around him formed together into one dull roar and a distinct ringing chimed above it all. His flames were gone. He felt cold. The world kept spinning. Dom walked slowly into the dust, each step taken with enourmous effort. He swayed as he walked, but he was too tired to notice. Time seemed to go slowly and every extra second was draining. Dizziness made it hell, but he forced himself to keep going. He ignored the double images. He ignored the way the world blurred in and out. He wouldn't quit. Not until...

Dom squinted his eyes when he saw a silhouette in the dust. Is that...? He tried to go closer--maybe he would see--but his eyes kept blurring and slowly the sky turned blacker. No, d*mmit, no! His plead meant nothing. The world still rushed into the sky and all at once turned black before he saw the ground.

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