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Which Bug type trainer managed
their Bug types the best in the

I Think

Aaron Form Sinnoh

Pokemon Team:

Special abilities
Vespiquen have three separate
signature moves which are
reportedly controlled by its
pheromones, that involve
summoning a swarm of baby
Combee, which are stored in the
honeycomb-like lower abdomen. One
is for attacking, the second is for
defending and the third is for
recovering . The red gem on their
forehead (which was developed from
the small red dot on female
Combee) allows them to use the
move Power Gem.

Vespiquen are queens of hives of
Combee, controlling it and
protecting it, as well as giving birth
to young Combee. A Vespiquen is far
more powerful than her followers,
and will only take action if her
Combee are unable to protect the
hive. If outsiders prove themselves
to the Vespiquen by defending her
hive, she may repay their acts of
kindness with a reward.

Special abilities
This Pokémon is very strong, and has
enough power to easily scrap a car.
It's also encased in a tough
exoskeleton and it is very poisonous.
It can rotate its head 180 degrees,
and can also extend its tail.

Drapion is a very aggressive
Pokémon, as it attacks anything in
its territory. It also has a sturdy
build and takes pride in its
strength, being able to take down
foes without using toxins.

Special abilities
Beautifly is capable of sapping
energy with Absorb , Mega Drain, and
Giga Drain, restoring health with
Morning Sun, and stunning their
opponents with Stun Spore. It can
also jab its long, thin mouth at foes
when attacking, or when perturbed
collecting pollen.

Although Beautifly have a gentle
appearance, it has been known to be
very aggressive. It savagely attacks
other Pokémon by sucking their body
fluids if it is disturbed while sipping
nectar. In forested areas such as
Pokémon preserves, they can be seen
flying overhead in groups.

Special abilities
Heracross is surprisingly strong for
its size, and is able to knock down
massive trees with its mighty horn.
Heracross can use said horn to lift
other Pokémon, and its shell is said
to be as tough as steel. Heracross is
also able to fly, and is even depicted
in the anime to be strong enough in
its flying to transport its Trainer over
limited distances.

Heracross live in groups in deep
forests. They bite through the bark
of trees with their strong jaws to get
to the sweet sap inside. This
suggests a relation to fellow Bug-
type Pinsir, who share many of the
same habits. Heracross's eating
habits unwittingly enter them into a
symbiotic relationship with
Butterfree , who also love tree sap,
but lack the strength to get to it.
Despite their size, great strength,
and powerful horns, Heracross are
really docile creatures who prefer
peace over resorting to violence.

Special abilities
Dustox's antennae are often used to seek out food, and its wings contain a highly poisonous dust. Despite its typing and lack of the Ability Levitate it can fly quite easily.

Dustox is nocturnal, and is instinctively drawn to light. Swarms of Dustox are attracted by the bright light of cities, where they wreak havoc by stripping the leaves off roadside trees for food. If attacked as a Cascoon, a Dustox will always remember the face of the attacker, and will seek revenge upon evolution.

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