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Originally Posted by ipatix View Post
By the way: The ARM instruction set isn't slower than the Thumb one. They are both executed at the same speed. The reason why it is slower is the 16 bit memory buy to the game cartridge. So ARM is commonly used in the sound rendering routines because the IWRAM has a 32 bit bus and can read and write a 32 bit integer by one CPU cycle and therefore you can benefit from more possible instructions (by executing ARM code from IWRAM) and you can reduce the overall amount of needed instructions (not bytes) for the code which makes it actually faster than Thumb code.

... Just to clarify things ;-)
I already knew that, but now you are going to confuse all of the new guys. Yeah, a friend of mine freaked out when he learned that if you load code into the RAM and then run it, it runs much faster. He said that the VRAM worked well for the 16 bit thumb instructions and the IWRAM worked well for the ARM instructions. However, just for simplicity here, ARM is slower for normal code in the ROM. I don't think any beginners will be manually doing sound rendering.:p

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