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What happens if I push it?....
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    Originally Posted by akihiko123 View Post
    This must be the Picture of XSE right?
    Link: CLICK ME
    Then Click Compile and copy this[The one that i put Box on it]
    Link: CLICK ME
    THen Paste it here
    Link: CLICK ME
    Then save it.
    and if i try it now this just happen
    Link: CLICK ME
    i already click A but still now working :/
    Ummm, that is PKSV, which is still a good script editor, just not XSE. You did everything perfectly, the only reason nothing happened is because just code ran. The script ran, but just setting a flag does not make any visible changes. After doing this, go try to battle the battle that couldn't be battled before.(:p) It should work now.

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