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Originally Posted by Powerserge View Post
I'm mainly a PC gamer, too. When I was an older kid though, I also had both Nintendo and Sony systems, so I'm pretty loyal to both brands, actually. But definitely more of a PC gamer than I ever was.

I actually like the "console wars" that fanboys/girls participate in. I think it's good to stand by something with full conviction like that. The passion is good for the soul! I imagine them as different factions, haha.
The way I see it, the "console wars" isn't about fanboys just raging. It actually shapes the future of gaming. If people are gonna stand up to "no always online" stuff like that.. and "no we don't want to stream" it makes perfect sense, especially seeing that bandwidth is still capped in most of North America. If you have a legit reason to rage, I say rage all the way!
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