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Bulletin Board

Quest: I need help!
From: Oliver

My wife got lost in the dungeons! I can't go
there alone so I'm hoping that some brave
youngsters could guide me on my search.


  • Find Claris


  • Basic potion x6
  • Armor: Tin Shoulder piece

Quest: Training 1.1
From: Philip

In need for some experience points? In need
for new armor? Then i'm your man! I will pay
you handsomly if you get rid of 8 «Wolves»
and 8 «Swines». Come see me to activate
this quest, you can find me in the town of


  • Defeat 8 «Wolves»
  • Defeat 8 «Swines»


Reward: Choose from:
  • Armor: Short black jacket
  • Armor: Black pants
  • Armor: Black skirt

An sample of the bulletin board idea c: What do you guys think?
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