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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
Just wanted to put this here.... it has come to the staff's attention that maybe there are people that are taking things in the chat more seriously than they should. And that's not healthy. Not really. We understand if you're sensitive and whatnot keep in mind that we joke around with each other a lot! We like to poke fun of each other, things of that nature. These are things that are meant to be taken in jest.

It's just kind of saddening when someone takes the chat so seriously and the environment just so happens to be otherwise. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the chat like everyone else, really. Don't worry about "fitting in" or anything like that. You will naturally if you just act crazy like the majority of our regulars, it's not a hard thing to do at all.

Anyway, that's about the shortest I can make this post so yeah. n_n
I just wanted to add on a little to this because this has been somewhat a problem lately.

While 90% of the time anything that happens in the chat is our userbase just joking around, there are times where a member feels the need to troll and harass another member. If you feel like this is happening to you please PM a mod about the situation so it can be dealt with. Lately when this has been happening the user being trolled or harassed has been bringing the issue up in the main chat and that is a bad idea. Reason being is, if the other person isn't actually harassing you, but joking around they can and will get offended by your accusations leading to an argument in the main chat which quickly makes for a toxic environment. Also bringing it up in the main chat provokes the user that is doing the trolling and lets them know that they are winning because they are upsetting you. PMing a staff member makes this situation MUCH easier to deal with and is the appropriate way to go about it. This also applies for PM harassment. DO NOT post logs of PM harassment in the main chat, but rather PM them to a mod so a mute or ban can be put into place, as bringing this up in the main chat also degrades the chat and is completely unnecessary as only staff can help with the situation.

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