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    I think I'd be pretty harsh with verbal warnings (not so much infractions because I like to give people chances) but less harsh than I used to be when I modded.
    When I was mod, I looked though every new post in my section every day after school to make sure no one was breaking any rules and to make sure no flamebaiting or flame wars broke out, and PMed the appropriate people to give them a heads-up depending on what I found. Haha.. talk about being anal. I'd be too lazy/busy for that now. But back then the DCC was VERY active and there was a bigger chance of that happening. I'd be much more lax now, but I dislike when people -deliberately- break rules.. however if they want to appeal it, they'd be more than welcome to oblige. I think events and emblems are fun! I would TOTALLY make an ego-emblem called Kura-Rage.. I am sure quite a few people know what that would entail! Hahaha!

    I also hate when threads are closed instead of moved. I'd be more lax on the thread-revival rule if it was relevant and not just for a bump. I think the 4 word rule is important and it helps wean out spam. I would also encourage some real discussion and make sure emblems are handed out to those who have some well thought-out posts or topics. Hmm.. what else... I would like another shot at maybe reviving the IRC through member-held events- but I could do that as a member instead of being a mod. Not sure what else I'd do as mod.. I don't care about profiles and I wouldn't change my theme. I already have enough PM space and a blog so.. I dunno.. I wouldn't go too crazy laying the banhammer on anyone or anything haha... >_> or so you'd.. think >:3..
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