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    Originally Posted by Black Ice View Post
    until developers figure out how to utilize the new generation consoles, i dont think the difference between this gen and next gen will be huge. the trailers didn't really impress me, but i guess there is a limit to how good graphics can get with current technology. ps3/360 will probably stay relevant for several more years.
    I'm really hoping that they'll integrate the PSVita somehow. There is so much stuff they can do with it! I can't wait! Especially that the Playstation is such an open market for indie-developers. I just know they'll make some cool stuff.
    Same with the WiiU.. why are they only using it as a menu screen? Come on, Nintendo! You can do SO much more. And the fact that if your WiiU first player controller breaks.. you need to buy a whole new console? >_> That is very disappointing.

    And graphics will never be as good on a console than a PC but Unity is doing quite a lot of cool stuff too.
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