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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Say you were promoted to moderator or other staff , what kind of mod would you be? In other words how you handle modding duties? Would you be lenient and shrug things off , mostly give warnings and not infarct people for simple mistakes? Or would you be strict and punish any rule-breaking you can find?

What's one thing you love to do the most? Giving out emblems? Having bigger profile pictures or fancier usertitles? Closing threads?

If you're already on staff/former staff, what kind of moderator are/were you? Answer the same questions as above , but from your perspective of being on staff.

1) If it was just minor things I would just give off a warning. However if the severity is high enough I'd have to be responsible and hand out the punishment accordingly. Sticking with minor stuff however if it was a repeat ordeal and the person doing it won't change then the infraction would have to be issued.

2)Having the responsibility of making the forums a happy and safe place to be /generic answer.

3) Not here but in a local forum I was the head administrator of the site. Skins, rules, contests hiring, firing. Almost everything on a daily basis. It was fun despite the occasional Advil taking.
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