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Sorry ShinyNuzlover, we're specifically looking for fakemons not splices or fusions.

A true fakemon can't be bits and pieces of other pokemon, after all! n_n; But hey! You seem like you're really good at spriting, why don't you try spriting one of the designs on the main page? That's a way you can contribute and help us make some real progress! Or, better yet, draw your own fakemon and sprite it! I know you said you aren't very good with custom sprites.. but there's no harm in giving it a shot!

My point is, there's plenty to do around here.. but a fusions aren't something we want. We want true-blooded custom fakemons. Still, thank you for your effort. We definitely appreciate your consideration and your enthusiasm about the project!

We can still use pretty much everything from your post though, save the sprite itself. Turn it into something else and I'm sure we can find a place for your work. :)
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