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I ran from a shiny Sableye in Sapphire, a shiny Shellder in FireRed, a shiny Machop in LeafGreen and a shiny Staravia in Diamond. I didn't know that shinies were really that valuable back then.

My first shiny I actually caught was Koffing in Emerald. I also these shinies in HeartGold and Platinum, but I lost their cartridges:
-Platinum: Roselia, Sneasel, Marill, Blissey
-HeartGold: Mewtwo

My current shinies:
-Emerald: Koffing
-SoulSilver: Tentacool, Golbat, Nidorina
-Black: Gothita
-White: Sewaddle, Golduck, Lunatone, Vulpix
-White 2: Petilil
-Black 2: Purrloin

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