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I've caught every wild shiny I've found, so I don't think I've had any fails in that regard, haha. I can also RNG Pokemon, so I can get shinies whenever I want. But it doesn't make a random shiny any less special! The best random shiny I've gotten is my shiny Metang. I was in the Giant Chasm in White and I mentioned to Karpman that I'm always training there and that it'd be cool to find a shiny, namely a shiny Metang. And hour later...well, there it was. lol

Originally Posted by Pokemon Type-Differ Trainer View Post
i was playing Emerald on a GBA emulator, training my recently catched Poochyena when SUDDENLY, FOR MY FIRST TIME, I! FOUND! A! SHINY! ...Zigzagoon. But it was shiny! And! I catched it! That felt amazing, and shouted all girly seeing the differences between the normal one and mine!
.....................But something bad happened... No, I didn't not save! See, my friend and I wanted to do some walkthroughs and were chatting about it. As I was chatting I forgot completely about my shiny Zigzagoon that I told my friend I captured earlier, and then I told him that I would do a Pokémon Emerald walkthrough. ...Guess what I did...
I started a new game to do my walkthrough. And as the 1st part went on I off-screen trained my Torchic, and mid-training, I found a Zigzagoon. I remembered the one I captured, and by remembering THAT, I then remembered that my Shiny Zigzagoon was in the file I deleted!
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