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    FR-Style Emerald Overworlds

    I need a catchier title

    Okay, so you might be wondering, "What could this possibly be?" Well, I'll tell you. There's two things I've always liked about RSE Overworlds: their palettes, which were bright and attracting, and their designs, which were exuberant and flashy, which I deem normal in a Pokemon world. Come the FRLG era, where I was promptly disappointed by the new style. The palettes personally never popped out, and the designs were boring and simple, which was far too "unrealistic" in how I viewed the Pokemon world. I did, however, like one thing about FRLG overworlds: their size. Everyone knows that RSE overworlds are much tinier than FRLG overworlds. Also, although most people overlook it, the above-view of the OW's is really realistic and gives better dimension to the characters, so I also enjoyed that. But, looking around, I couldn't find any good resource that had a mix of the two, so I figured I would recreate my 2nd-favorite gen with some new dimensions while retaining their extravagant colors that make them unique. This project aims to "revamp" the RSE overworlds in the style of FR while keeping their better features intact to give them a better look. If this is successful, I may even go in reverse and "devamp" FR sprites in the style of RSE. Who knows?


    Okay, so obviously this is a huge project, especially since I've chosen to create them from scratch instead of using the original FR sprites as a base (like I said, I hate the original sprites. They suck and I'm sorry to Gamefreak, but c'mon.) I'd like to have helpers, but they would have to adhere to some strict rules. You can post your work in the thread and I'll see if it meets up to my standards, which are:

    1.) The sprites must be made from scratch, using the pre-provided template bases given at the bottom of this section. If I see that the sprite is based off the original FR sprite, I won't take it. It's not even hard, just try.
    2.) The design must be based off the original Emerald design, and has to be very accurate. It also has to be resized; the RSE design was made on a much smaller sprite, and copy-pasting the design will rarely work, and it'll make the sprite look weird.
    3.) The sprite must use the orignal Emerald palette.
    4.) If a current sprite set (meaning the 9 frames of one OW) is incomplete and you want to finish it, you have to adhere to the style I used to create it. Obviously, there's going to be a mix of style since I'm not professional at this, so it'll be more like FR-style and PJ-style. PJR style, if you will. Nonetheless, if it doesn't match close enough to where I can edit it to make it look right, I won't accept it.
    5.) If you want to edit one of my sprites to fix an anatomy issue or a shading issue or even make something small (like hair or arms) look a bit better, fine. But if you completely change it, I won't accept it. I want there to be a consistent style, simple as that. I won't be mixing in other styles, no matter how good it may or may not look.
    6.) Feel free to add some simple touches to make the sprite look less forced. For example, when making Brendan's facing-up sprite, I had to heavily edit the bottom of his hair to giving it a natural look. This is totally okay so long as it still resembles the original Emerald style.
    7.) This is more recommended than required: I prefer if you try to use Chesu's Learn To Sprite Tutorial to help you see how I make my OW's if you want to help. This can ensure that you're as close to what I'm trying to do.
    8.) I may accept your sprite despite an issue if it's small enough to fix (like incorrect mirroring or a misshaded area).
    Here's the bases I use:
    Kids -
    Teens (Protags, antags, etc.) -
    Adults - Not created yet (don't bother making one yourself, I'll never like it)

    All these bases are only for front and back frames - the side frames require a different base. I might make one at some point, idk yet.

    The way I make these are really simple: take the base and paste it in a new Paint file. Open NSE and go to the sprite I need. Paint the 16-color palette into the top-left corner and then export it. Open the exported file in a different Paint window. Use the sprite as concept art to help me design the new sprite. It's actually really simple, and most designs can easily be transformed into a FR-styled equivalent within 10 minutes. The walking animations are a bit harder and may not always come out right, so edit them as much as possible. I use the method in Chesu's tutorial to animate, but it doesn't apply to every sprite. Learn your dimensions and make it work. Somehow. Idk. Do something.

    Also, if you're gonna give me criticism, avoid using words such as "terrible" or "horrendous" or "Did Satan possess you when you made that?" or other words of that nature. I'm not perfect, but you can get your point across without being rude. Thanks in advance.

    Also, don't ask me when I'm gonna finish everything. I'll upload based on my schedule and how much time I have (which may decrease exponentially very soon). Making OW's from scratch takes time and patience, so don't rush me, 'kay? 'Kay.

    One last thing: Most of these may not be indexed when I upload them. A main sign that they aren't indexed is that they may have a 16-color palette in the top-left corner. I use this when making the sprite so I have a ready list of colors available, and I delete it right before I index it. If the palette is there, you'll have to index it yourself if you need it now, or wait until I do it (most of the times I won't, too much effort). The only exception are the 16x16 sprites, which don't have enough room to fit the palette in without overwriting the sprite. Always check if those are indexed (but again, most of these won't be).

    Okay, enough talk. Let's get to the stuff.

    The Overworlds



    Boy 1:

    Girl 1:

    Average Guy 1:

    Average Guy 2:

    Average Guy 3:

    Average Guy 4:

    Average Girl 1:

    Swimmer (M):

    Eventually, once this is finished (which hopefully it will be), I'll make a montage of all the overworlds so you don't have to download them all separately.


    Anyone can use these; these sprites are 100% public. You have to credit me and everyone on the helper list if you use them, however. Hard work goes into this stuff. Don't take it lightly. If you use these in any hack/game and don't give credit, I'll request to have either proper accreditation or your hack/game removed.

    Okay, that's all. Thanks for reading. Bye, I guess. I'm never good at closing sentences.

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