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    I had a lot of rumors spread about me in high school, mainly by friends who thought it'd be funny. There was the one about me and a teacher getting together, and one about me slashing people's tires in student parking. There had been some vandal doing that when I was a Junior, and my friends jokingly said only I'd have the balls to do something like that, and other people thought they were being serious. The worst one was when someone set all the toilet paper rolls on fire in the B hall bathrooms, and I got blamed for it. I was called in for questioning and everything! My friends felt bad and went in to tell the faculty that it was just rumor and that I was in class when it happened, anyway.

    Oh, and that one crazy ex-girlfriend who spread the rumor that I'm an abusive boyfriend, just to spite me. Funny thing is that I got more girls interested in me than ever before when she did that. Crrraaaazy.
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