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PART IV / 'The True Start of the Journey'

Tim rushed through Route 30, trying to get back to New Bark Town to find out what Professor Elm needed so badly.

Upon reaching Cherrygrove he stopped at the PokéCentre and quickly healed Cyndaquil.

They then headed towards Route 29. But before stepping out of the entrance to the town a flame-color-haired boy was running towards them. He looked tired. After a brief engagement the boy challenged Tim to a Pokémon Battle. Cyndaquil happily roared and was ready.

The boy sent out his Totodile. It was a back-and-forth of basic attacks, Cyndaquil's Tackle and Totodile's Scratch. Because of the many wild Pokémon encounters on Route 29 and 30, Tim's Cyndaquil's strength was more than enough to beat this trainer's Pokémon. Defeated, the trainer angrily rushed by and dropped something shiny in his haste.

Tim bent over to pick it up and saw that it was his trainer card. Next to the name it said Benjamin, before Tim could absorb any more information Benjamin returned and snatched the card from Tim. "Oh no," he said. "You saw my name. Well. It's Ben! Remember the name!" Ben rushed off towards Cherrygrove.

Despite this brief interruption, Tim had to get to New Bark Town as Elm still needed him.

After a few minutes time, Tim arrived at New Bark Town and burst through Elm's lab door.

Elm was speaking with Officer Jennifer. The region-wide law enforcer. When she saw Tim she confronted him accusingly. "Aw! As they say, the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime!" She brought out her handcuffs but the door to the entrance of the lab opened again! Lyra, Tim's friend since they were both youths rushed at Jenny. "NO! Tim didn't do it, some kid was watching through the window!"

"You know the person who stole Elm's Pokémon?"

Tim understood now, the connection. Elm's Pokémon was stolen, Ben was rushing from Route 29, he stole the Pokémon. That Pokémon must of been the Totodile!

"Yes," said Tim. "I met him at the entrance to Cherrygrove, he was most likely heading to the north of that town. Unless of course he knew Surf."

Jenny perked up. "Did you get his name?"

"Benjamin, but he told me he would go by Ben."

"Thank you, Tim. Lyra. Elm. I will not rest until the thief has been brought to justice and your Totodile is returned. Jennifer abruptly pushed between Lyra and Tim and rushed to the door.

"Thanks, Lyra." said Tim. "I thought I was cooked."

"No problem, Timmy." Lyra nodded and Maril chimed in happily and they left.

Elm sighed in distress. "Anyway, what did Mr. Pokémon have for me, Tim?"

Tim reached into his backpack and handed Elm the egg he recieved from Mr. Pokémon.

Elm jumped back several feet, astounded. He took the egg and looked at it. Saying that Mr. Pokémon frequently brings in eggs but he would examine it even still to see if there was anything to it. Tim noted that he met Professor Oak to which Elm stuttered again. Tim showed Elm the PokéDex V.2 and Elm said that he always found something special about Tim.

Elm suggested that Tim take the Pokémon League Challenge with Cyndaquil and Tim happily agreed.

This was the true start of Tim's journey.