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Good morning to you. I hope your day started off very well, unlike mines.

I slept at 4am and I got woken up by my dad browsing through some of his stuffs in my room, he was making so much noise it's unbelievable. Then when he was finally done I closed the door and tried to get some sleep because I had to go pick up some food for my dog at 12h. Then after a while he comes back in my room asking me where was his charger for his new phone. He thought I took it and started blaming me for HIM losing it. He then proceeded to look at MY charger because he think I took his charger for whatever reason. We had an argument about him always blaming me and my mom about him alwaya losing his stuffs around the house when he's the one who just leave his stuffs lying around the house.

And to say starting next week he's having his 2 weeks vacation from work... I always hate that part of summer. I despise being with my dad.
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