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    Pokémon: A Tale of Loyalty Vol. I

    Before the story begins i'd just like to establish that the story is set an undisclosed amount of years after the events of Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

    Also i wasn't sure about what to rate it, but seeing as i'm going to be covering some strong emotional stuff i'll just recommend if you get upset by emotional turmoil, to perhaps not read past this foreword.

    Moreover, i'm aiming for a chapter a week, but this could be more regularly or less regularly depending on certain things.

    Finally, if you have any thoughts or constructive criticism please do not hesitate, even if its as little as a grammatical oversight or a spelling error, i welcome any and all opinions. At the moment the title is just a working title, and if anyone has any ideas for a title please let me know

    Thanks i hope you enjoy it

    Chapter One
    Billy stared off the stern as the bright beacon that was the iconic lighthouse of Olivine City slowly began to shrink down into a faint glow emanating in the distance. He exhaled deeply as he thought about his journey past. The friends he had met… the hardships endured… the path ahead.

    The thunder rumbled on the enclosing horizon. Was it a sign… a warning to turn back?
    “It’s just thunder,” he told himself. His best friend sat beside him, his orange and black coat vibrantly shimmering as the last remaining rays of light from the lighthouse bounced off him. Billy crouched down to look into his partner’s eyes. They had been a comfort over their journey together. His patient companion’s eyes met his own. His irises were a molten red with flecks of orange and gold, and even on the coldest nights Billy could gaze deep into them and feel warm.

    *** ***

    The two had shared a less than perfect first impression of each other, but arguably just as memorable. Billy had grown up in Blackthorn City, pathologically terrified of any and all Pokémon. When he was very little, he had seen a ferocious dragon Pokémon, which had scared him half to death. The power he had witnessed from a single being had scarred him for the rest of his childhood. Regardless Billy’s parents were keen for him to overcome his fear, and to make something of himself in the world of Pokémon. However, Billy never took to it. He struggled with the basics and was too fearful to try any practical battling.

    Despite Billy’s desire to keep as far away from Pokémon as possible, when he was fifteen his Grandparents gave him a Growlithe that had been born of their two Arcanine. Billy was too scared to even be near him, which insulted the young Growlithe. The playful puppy only wanted a friend, but being a particularly proud Growlithe he saw Billy’s refusal to interact with him as an insult.

    This continued for almost two years. Any complaints made by Billy were laughed off by his Parents, who felt it was healthy for Billy to spend time with a Pokémon. It was the lowest point in Billy’s teenage years, and he felt like it would never end. At one point he even contemplated running away, until he realised that would mean spending night after night alone and cold, surrounded by that which he feared the most.

    *** ***

    Billy affectionately stroked Growlithe under his chin, as their smiles grew and mirrored one another. They had been through so much since then. It would be petty to hold the growing pains of a young pup against his companion. Billy thought back to when he had first seen those beautiful eyes, and when the first foundations of a beautiful friendship were laid down.

    *** ***

    One night, shortly after Billy had turned seventeen, he was awakened by the smell of thick, black smoke. It slowly crept underneath his door and slithered across the floor. He jumped from his bed and ran to the door, as smoke poured into the room. He could feel the sheer, intense heat buffeting against the door. Billy daren’t open it in fear of letting the flames engulf him. He began to panic and frantically paced around his room.

    It suddenly dawned on him… the window. Billy sharply turned towards the window and hurtled towards it. As he desperately fumbled around trying to open the window, more and more smoke billowed in from the hallway. Before long Billy struggled to see his hands in front of him. The thick smoke built up in Billy’s lungs as he coughed and wheezed climbing onto the ledge of the window. He looked down, and saw a long drop down to his front yard. The same fear that had been smothered by the desperation to escape quickly filled him. He froze, crouched on the ledge looking at a steep drop.

    “I… I can’t do it.”

    However, before he had the chance to turn around and think of a new plan, the door burst into a thousand pieces. Wood splinters flew in all directions as a small shape came charging into his room. The smoke was too thick, and before Billy could make out what it was, the shape leapt up at him, tackling him through the window and knocking the wind out of him. Billy tumbled through the air and landed flat on his back with an almighty crash.

    After a few moments of lying flat on his face wincing from the pain, he sat up gingerly and took in deep breaths of clean, smokeless air. He looked around for his savior. Beside him was laid Growlithe, panting heavily from the fall. The same Growlithe Billy thought had despised him had saved his life. He felt a strange mix of emotions; confusion that the bully he had grown up with had risked his life to rescue him; thankful that he had done so... and panic as he realised he was sat alone in his front yard. Where were his parents?

    Dizzied by the smoke and the less-than-acrobatic landing, he looked up at his home, burning intensely like the fiery wings of Moltres or the blazing mane of Rapidash. Billy rose to his feet and made for the front door, but his pajama bottoms were snagged against something. His rescuer had him clamped in his jaws.

    “I have to save them,” Billy pleaded with Growlithe.

    Growlithe snapped at him sternly, before racing ahead into the inferno. Billy didn't understand what was happening. Seconds turned into minutes and the fire grew hotter and wilder. He soon realised Growlithe had gone back for his parents. Each minute that passed, the hope in Billy’s heart faded. By the time Growlithe limped out, scorched from the flames, completely alone, he knew that it was too late. He fell to his knees and wept.

    As he sat there crying in front of his blazing home, whilst some fire-fighters tried to put the flames out and others tried to wrestle an inconsolable Billy away from the danger, he looked up through his tears and saw something beautiful amidst the chaos and tragedy. Growlithe was sat inches away from his face, and Billy saw the result of the fire and the bravery of the young pup. The eyes of someone to whom he owed his life; molten red, with flecks of orange and gold.

    *** ***
    Billy leant off the stern and felt the cold sea breeze stroke his face as a gentle rain began to fall from the dark sky. He looked up at the clouds and was reminded of the dark smoke that had started his journey. He turned back to Growlithe.

    “You’re the only family I've got, old friend.”

    The two shared a familiar hug as the storm thundered on the enclosing horizon, the waves began to swell and bellow violently and the rain began to fall by the bucket load… they were unmoved and unafraid.

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