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Originally Posted by ShinyNuzLover View Post
Hey Alexial, not to be rude or anything but, I just looked at the first post and didn't see my name under artists and contributers and I was wondering when you were gonna do that. Anyway, I'm working on a new design for a scratch, and I think it's gonna come out pretty good. The design is gonna be a water rabbit. So if you guys wanna give input in the design just let me know. Oh by the way here's a scratch I did last night, Exolsalto, the water legendary-
The lines are a bit off but if anyone wants to, they can edit it.
Haha, don't worry about it. I still need to update the first post. I do have things to do other than the Pokedex Project, after all. ;) These things take some time and I'm in the middle of recoding the first page (again .__.) to make it even better, so your name will be added with the update.

I could probably get in there and do some editing on your Exolsalto too, if you're looking for that kind of feedback. :)
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