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    Morning All:

    I had a recent experience I wanted to share, the following Pokemon are not available for trade, due mostly to the fact that they should be considered hacked. I asked Mac if it was ok before posting about this, due to the nature of using a cheat.

    I really wanted to have a shiny Mew, which as we all know is impossible (not impossible, but the only legitimate shiny Mew would be one captured on Faraway Island in Emerald, which required the Old Sea Map, and that was only released as an event in Japan).

    On my North American Emerald I started by using a gameshark to unlock the Old Sea Map. I had actually done this a long time ago, and captured a Mew. So, now not only did I need the Old Sea Map, but I needed a "Re-Battle Legendary" code. Please keep in mind that the rest of my tale involves that I used those codes.

    Mew, like all legendaries in Emerald is generated via Method-1. If you do not know, Method-1 is not effected by Synchronize. So, you have to hit your seed exact.

    To make matters worse, each legendary is going to offer you a slightly different shifted frame. If you are going on a quest to get all your Emeral legendaries as shiny, you need to re-calibrate for each one. I stood on Faraway Island, and entered Battle with Mew over a dozen times, just trying to calibrate for which frame I was hitting. I threw my master ball each time, as all I was attempting to do was calibrate. I actually found one during my calibration attempt that had two perfect IV's, which I ended up deciding to keep.

    #151 Mew ♁ (level 30)
    OT: RINGO ♂ (Emerald, 49191/51162)
    Brave - Synchronize - 10/31/31/11/23/11 - Untrained
    Pound - Transform - Mega Punch - Metronome

    My shiny frame I was attempting was only about 20 seconds in for me (Lucky me). Which meant that once I was done calibrating I was able to go right to work attempting the actual capture.

    The fun began:
    I tried for two hours. Resetting. Watching the timer. When I didn't face a shiny I reset again. About every tenth attempt I would capture again to verify that I was close to my seed. Each time I was within 10 frames of my desired frame. Close enough to not mess with the settings in Eon Timer.

    I take a break for the night. Next day, an hour into trying, and checking what frame I hit I get my shiny frame. I wanted my Mew to be in a Premier ball, my favorite, and also for the challenge. I knock Mew down to 1hp with my false swiper, and start trying to capture. Eventually, Mew knocks itself out with struggle. *cry*.

    Two more tries later, I hit the frame again. I false swiper to 1, I keep trying to put mew to sleep, but it won't stay asleep. I keep throwing premier balls. Finally, on my last premier ball I capture it. *whew*

    #151 PANTHRO (Mew) ♁ (level 30)
    OT: RINGO ♂ (Emerald, 49191/51162)
    Brave - Synchronize - 29/25/0/17/27/24 - Untrained
    Pound - Transform - Mega Punch - Metronome

    Now, here is where I have found what I believe to be an oddity. My first Mew above passed legality analysis:

    However, the Shiny Mew, it DOES flag as a hack on the legality analysis. Reason stated as English Mew can not be shiny:

    I am curious if anyone knows why this situation exists? Is it because the location met is flagged in Gen IV as "Pal Park" instead of "Faraway Island"? I would assume ANY Gen III Mew caught on Faraway Island should flag as hacked on an English Emerald... but if the location met is no longer Faraway Island, is Pokecheck now assuming that my Mew was an event Mew from that Generation?

    Method-1 was VERY tedious. I would say more tedious than Gen IV delays. It WAS however well worth it, as the personal satisfaction of now owning a Pokemon I really wanted, and REALLY had to work for all the same is now in my pocession. (Not Only that, I cloned it on Emerald before sending to PalPark... I have every intention of getting as many Gen III ribbons on it as I can... This is going to be one special Mew when I am done.) I DO have every intention of completing more Gen III Legendaries now that I have done this once. I think Deoxys may be my next capture project. But I wonder what Shiny spread available to me I should aim for... There is a Calm Shiny spread about 45 minutes in for me, which has all states accept Speed above 20 (the speed is at only 4). As I don't competitively battle I don't typically aim for super perfect spreads, so maybe this is where I should aim on this one?

    Would love to hear some feedback on my Mew experience... and if anyone wants to help me pick which shiny spread on my Emerald to aim for on my Deoxys, I would appreciate any suggestions.(ID: 49191 / SID: 51162). I have no intention of restarting my Emerald to be able to RNG my ID/SID for a specific spread. I have over 250 hours on that save file (and all my Pokeboxes are close to full)... I used to chain breed for super strong Pokemon before I knew how to RNG, and I can't justify killing that progress or going and buying another Emerald either. All my future Legendary RNG projects in Gen III will have to be on that save file. (For that matter, I have yet to capture the trio of Reggi's on Emerald, and should RNG those if I have the patience, so anyone who feels like helping me with suggestions on spreads to aim for that would be super appreciated as well).

    Thanks for letting me share this experience with you all. I hope my experience can help you decide if Method-1 Gen III is for you or not. That resetting can be a major pain, but I think it was well worth it for the trophy. It may not be worth if for everyone though. Also, as Gen III is becoming such a source of fun for me, I would be happy to advise anyone looking to do Gen III captures (I am not yet good at RNGing eggs in Gen III, captures only).

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