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    Okay, so... First post go!

    I've played through this hack three times, and I must say that I really enjoy it! It really makes FireRed feel fresh and new again, which is kinda weird seeing as most of the areas are the same. I really enjoyed "The Gauntlet," despite the intense difficulty.

    Although there's one big problem as far as I'm concerned: You gave WAAY to much faith to the AI. To the point where you just kinda assumed Gary's Slugma was invincible, when, in actuality, it only took a Spore from a Parasect to render him pretty much dead, and that Spore was easily hit after the Slugma used a not very effective move against me, leaving me alive (albeit with only 18 HP). After that, it only took two Cross Chops from my Ledian (I was on a Solo-Bug run) to take him out, and what was my prize? "Hahahaha, you won't actually see this message." That honestly felt like a slap in the face to me after having gone through all the effort to train my team up to level 80 and take him on.
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