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Originally Posted by Nil Nuane View Post
Eh, can you explain what you mean when you say Galaxy is all about "the experience"? Are 64 and Sunshine about "the experience" too?

I'm not saying it's a bad game. I can see why people love it actually. It's just not my personal favorite.

Well, actually, I can think of a good reason that detracts from my liking of the game. I'm not used to my 3d games being linear. I grew up with somewhat non-linear games like Super Mario 64, the Zelda 64 games, and Metroid Prime. I never really played the 2d mario games as a kid, and I never really enjoy them that much even when I played them later on.
The Galaxy games and moreso Super Mario 3D Land are truer 3D representation of the 2D Mario games. 64 is a great, great game. But it and Sunshine were collectathon platformers, and while I adore that genre that is not what the 2D Mario games were. They were "linear", athletic, bouncy, obstacle courses. These Mario games from EAD Tokyo are more like the 2D Mario games than even the NSMB series is in terms of level design and physics.

If you were grew up in the height of Mario Mania like I did, or just have an appreciation for those kinds of games, you'd love the experience.
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