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    Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post

    "BREAKING NEWS: President Obama: U.S. "deeply concerned" by Egypt military's move to oust president, suspend constitution."

    Can't we just stay out of everybody's business? I know we offer them some sort of financial support (I heard it was over 1 billion), but it seems the U.S. is always butting into issues that virtually have nothing to do with them.

    On to the topic, I'm very happy for Egypt. That is democracy at its finest. I just hope civil war does not break out between those who support Morsi and those who are against him.
    Morsi was already democratically elected on June 30, 2012. The Egyptian people elected him, then in 368 days decided he wasn't doing well enough, and staged a coup. Morsi wasn't a dictator, and he didn't abuse his power. The situation in Egypt is extremely concerning. I agree with Obama.
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