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Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair View Post
I just fainted a shiny Steelix!! I ran into it in Victory Road on my Platinum version. I was weakening it with Garchomp, it's Dragon Claw was basically doing nothing to it, it was using curse to up it's defense. Nek minnut my Garchomp lands a critical hit!! Can someone please tell me how the hell did Garchomp break it's huge defense from half health with only one Dragon Claw? It was only taking away 1/6th of Steelix's HP then all of a sudden it's 1/2 with a critical hit. I thought it was only double damage... *sigh*
Critical hits ignore any stat changes, so your Garchomp did double damage against Steelix's base defense, not his curse-boosted one.

As for me, I've got a few. My first was a Zigzagoon in Sapphire (Hmm, seems a lot of us have found shiny Zigzagoons.), found on route 118. I evolved it and renamed it "Shinoone". Then, just a few weeks later, I found ANOTHER ONE on Route 121. I caught it as well, but there is only room for one Shinoone. My most recent (and most awesome, imo) is my shiny Regice.

I wanted to get Regigigas, so I set out to capture the Regis. I set my sights on Regice first, and just after I walked up to Regice and hit A, I remembered that I failed to buy any Ultra Balls, so I had like 10 Poke Balls, and maybe a few Great Balls. Oh, and the Master Ball from Aqua Hideout. As it came across the screen, I noticed its brightness in color and unknowingly say "Wow, they made it awfully bold-looking in the 3rd gen sprites....."

Then some stars ran across the screen.

I freaked out. I wasn't even going to mess around, I just used my Master Ball. Unfortunately, anyone who sees it will probably think I spent a day soft resetting, but at least I know how exciting a moment it was.
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